Posted by: granny1947 | August 16, 2022

Granny and tea.

Morning All.

From a cold South Africa.

Yes, I am off , just now, to my Dad’s place.
Our local counsellor phoned me last week.
She had heard about Dad’s advanced age.
Said she would love to met him.
Thankfully she is coming alone.
She is from our main opposition party.
Our ruling party is conspicuous by it’s absence.
She is coming with cupcakes.
And a little present.

We had 40mm of rain the other night.
Not enough but a start.
More rain forecast for Thursday.
Hold thumbs.

My elder son can be terrible.
Takes after me.
Phoned his daughter and asked when last she had spoken to me.
Told her I am old and could go at any time!
She phoned me.
And we spoke for 14 minutes.
Love that girl.
Fully understand that 17 year old folk have busy lives.
Anyway, she has promised me another poem.
Watch this space.

And now let me get ready to go.


  1. That’s nice of the councillor to pay your Dad a visit and especially as she’s coming with cupcakes and a present. How kind.

    We had some rain last night at last, too, although not as much as 40mm. Nevertheless, it was very welcome and cooled the air a little bit. I just went to leave the house to meet my son and his new girlfriend when the rain started again. We’re meant to have thunder and lightning this afternoon. I’m glad I didn’t decide to leg it down to town early. I WhatsApped Tom and asked if he’d pick me up which he will. We’re going to be very late to the restaurant as he’s got held up in traffic, I think. Or he could have left late, of course. He’s about 10-15 miles away at the moment and the table was booked for 11.45 am! Looks like it’ll be a quick lunch. I’ll tell you more about the day later on.

    It was nice of your son to be worried about you enough to talk to his daughter about you, and lovely that you were able to have a good chat with her, too. I’ll look out for the poem. Take care, Granny. Lots of love Xxx 💖

  2. Good news about the rain, looking forward to another poem 😊

  3. Hier by ons het die Great Dane, sy naam is Great Dave, vanmiddag SEWE Woollies-kolwyntjies gesteel en opgevreet! Die kleinkinders het darem voor die tyd elkeen enetjie gekry, maar ouma (ek) het NIKS gehad nie. Ek wens ek kon saam met julle kuier!

  4. Hi Granny, How old is your father that he’s getting attention from political figures? Cupcakes is a very nice gesture.

    • Turned 99 on the 24th of July.

      • Wow, I wish him many more!

  5. Hope you took a pic of your dad and the special cupcakes!

  6. Enjoy the visit and the cupcakes!
    Glad you had a chance to catch up with your granddaughter.

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