Posted by: granny1947 | August 13, 2022

Granny and what a couple of days.

Hello All.

I wish I could take the credit for the above photo.
Taken by a friend in the complex.
There will be more.
I want his camera.

I am losing the plot.
Our managing agent, for the complex, phoned me yesterday.
I asked him why he was working on a Saturday.

I think I might have told you that my friend, also in the complex, is going down to Swellendam tomorrow.
Bear with me.
Swellendam is where my eldest daughter lives.
And about 15 kms from younger son and DIL.
She is taking a box of books down to my DIL.
And, while she is away, I will be popping in to talk to her dog.
When her son is at work.
M came with me to drop off the books.
The first time he has met said friend.
And, he met the dog.
And, I think was quite smitten with her.
She is the sweetest 15 year old Jack Russell.
VERY well behaved.
I hope so.
I might just bring her home to visit with us.

This morning was hell.
I put an ad on the internet to sell my Dad’s old TV.
I had about 50 replies.
I spent the morning fielding questions.
Someone was supposed to come at seven this morning.
No show so it was back to the drawing board.
I am so over it all.

M’s great granddaughter.
Am pleased to announce she has really improved.
Sweetest little thing.

More tomorrow.


  1. That’s so infuriating when people have asked to buy or collect something from you and don’t bother to turn up. I’ve had it when trying to sell a few bits to raise money to finish Tom and Charlie’s room. Some people haven’t even got the common decency to at least phone or message to let you know.

    The photo is lovely, Granny, even if it’s not one of yours. I’d like a decent camera, too, although the camera on my phone is pretty good.

    M’s little great-granddaughter is adorable. How old is she now? I’ve forgotten. Xxx 🥰

    • I can’t remember either!!!

  2. Both photos are wonderful plus the last one is adorable as well! Precious! ❤

    • Thank you.
      She is so cute.
      Wonder if we will ever get to see her.

  3. I love both photos. And see, I said she’d be stunningly beautiful and (both you and) I knew she would be. ♥️ What a doll!

    • Isn’t she gorgeous?
      would love to give her a cuddle.

      • I hope you’ll get to do so!

  4. I hate selling stuff online. The amount of no shows and I’ll give you… drives me crazy. Having said that, you always eventually get that reasonable person who isn’t out to rip you off 😊

    • I really do not want to do this again.
      Far too time consuming.

      • Yep, but it has to be done

  5. Beautiful baby! How wonderful you know someone going exactly where you need books dropped off!

    • Yes Chris.
      and she goes down every few months.

      • I guess it’s sort of like a long distance communication system

  6. What a cutie!
    She has good genes!

    Some people offer to buy things at inconvenient times without ever planning to hold up their end of the bargain. Or they haggle, haggle, haggle down the price until you are practically paying them to take it . . . and, yup, they still don’t show.

    Maybe it’s how they amuse their feeble little minds.

    • Feeble minds indeed.
      Say they REALLY want it and then dead silence.

  7. Beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks so much Stacey.

  8. I thought you’re joining the trip to Swellendam. Nou moet jy vir die hondjie smile. What a bommer.

    • Hi Elsabe,
      Couldn’t go this time.
      UIF this morning!
      My monthly nightmare.
      Also, can’t go for two weeks.

      • Yes… that is a long time, hey… with Dad.
        ons is meer gebind aan die huis met die oudstes.

  9. I hate selling stuff on the internet. Days and days of no shows. Or trying to haggle a price that’s already ridiculously low. But really, there’s no other way to sell stuff now.

    • Hi Jeff.
      After this lot I don’t think I will be doing it again.
      It wasn’t even for me!

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