Posted by: granny1947 | August 11, 2022

Granny has a bit of luck.

Good Morning all.

Have you missed me?
I thought so!

Have had a couple of days of not feeling too kosher.
Much better now.
The grim reaper can wait.

So, why luck?
Went to our local Spar to get a few things this morning.
The few things escalated into more.
The way they do.
When they rang it up I got it all for nothing.
It is a promotion they run.
I thought it was a con.
Sorry Spar.
Human nature being what it is, I thought bugger, why didn’t I spend more!

And now, short and sweet.
Have lots to do.
Have a great day/night.


  1. Glad you’re feeling better Granny and a good bit of luck at the Spar!

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling better today, Granny. That’s good news. And as for your shopping in Spar (we have Spar over here, too), what a bit of luck that was. I’d have felt the same – shame I didn’t get more! I will email you shortly. Xxx 🌞💞💛

  3. Glad you’re feeling better! Have a good day!

    • Thank you.
      Most days are good!
      I woke up.

  4. Wow, great luck. Hope it continues 😊

  5. Wow, what a windfall. Should have been the day you stocked up on caviar. That’s a very pretty coastline in your photo.

    • Thanks Jeff.
      I have posted very few photos of where I live now.
      Lots more to follow.

      • I don’t really like caviar either. I was just trying to think of something expensive. Steak is my food treat too.

  6. Happy for you. If you knew it, you could stocked up your trolley.

    • Absolutely Elsabe.
      Maybe next time!

  7. Granny scored free groceries ~> yay!

    Hope you continue on the mend.

    • Thanks NR.
      I am doing fine.

  8. Did you rush out and buy a lottery ticket? Could be the start of a run.

    • I buy lottery tickets for five weeks at a time.
      One has to dream.
      Won R75.00 last night.
      Must dream bigger!

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