Posted by: granny1947 | August 8, 2022

Granny sighs with relief.

Hello All.

It has been a day and a half.
Had to go with my brother to buy a TV and a TV stand.
I had to go with as I handle all his finances.
And keep his card.
My Dad has been talking about getting a TV like ours.
His is very old.
As my brother inherits the house and all the furniture, I decided he could buy the TV.

We found the one we wanted.
And the cabinet for it to stand on.
After lots of hassles we got it into the car and headed for home.
Then the fun began.
My brother is NOT a handyman.
He took one look at the instructions for assembling the stand and went into panic mode.
I will admit the instructions were not simple.

I phoned the tenant in my Dad’s flat.
He was fantastic.
I know he reads my blogs.
Once again Elliot, thank you so much.
He also connected the new TV.
Happiness all round.

Now, why my relief.
I saw the following on Facebook today.

Although we feel less fear and anger as we age, our sensitivity to spot happiness stays the same and slowly accumulates as we age. That’s probably why children are so excited to go to their grandparents’ house!

Older people also have a different mental perspective when it comes to aging. The more aware they are that they have a little time left, the more they tend to squeeze themselves into situations that include positive emotions and get rid of negative ones.

So there we have it.
I thought I was emotionally stunted.
It appears I am just old.


  1. Glad your Dad got his television and a cabinet for it to stand on, Granny. He must be really chuffed now. Your brother sounds like my son when it comes to DIY. People have said to me, ‘why doesn’t Tom build the bunk beds in the new room – it’s going to be his and my grandson’s anyway?’ Tom is about as good at building things as I am at climbing the Eiffel Tower! He couldn’t even wire a plug, let alone assemble bunk beds. Thank goodness you had Elliott at hand to see to the TV.

    The articles you linked to your blog were interesting. I looked at them both. I can’t pretend to understand all of it, but I like the idea that, at our age, we’re happier and more content. I think that’s right (most of the time anyway). As for perception, I’m definitely more perspective now than I was when I was younger and am noticing that more and more. I don’t miss much these days. Xx 💞

  2. Ah but wise too!

  3. Alls well that end well. It seems Elliot was the hero of the piece 😊

    • Tim actually came to the rescue with epic coffee that channeled my inner carpenter

      • Well done Tim 😊

  4. You’re welcome! We should look at HD for the decoder so he can enjoy better quality too

  5. Older and wiser Granny. Glad the tenant came to your aid.

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