Granny goes digging.

Good Morning All.

A quick post.
Am still in my gown and it is nearly nine AM.
Have a busy day ahead.
Dad and brother coming for lunch.
Already have the meat marinating.
Brother asked what was for lunch.
I said stew.
He said his second LEAST favourite thing.
Sometimes it takes all my self control.

I took Nancy’s advice and went back to one of my first posts on WP.
Looked at all the comments to see if I could get a clue as to where I used to blog.
No luck.
I did get a bit teary.
There was a lovely comment from my best friend.
My late best friend.
She passed from brain cancer a couple of months after her comment.
Still miss her so much.

The wind is howling.
And, we have had a little rain.
Poor Dad.
He feels the cold so much.

Dear heaven.
What a miserable post.
Better I end now.

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