Posted by: granny1947 | August 7, 2022

Granny goes digging.

Good Morning All.

A quick post.
Am still in my gown and it is nearly nine AM.
Have a busy day ahead.
Dad and brother coming for lunch.
Already have the meat marinating.
Brother asked what was for lunch.
I said stew.
He said his second LEAST favourite thing.
Sometimes it takes all my self control.

I took Nancy’s advice and went back to one of my first posts on WP.
Looked at all the comments to see if I could get a clue as to where I used to blog.
No luck.
I did get a bit teary.
There was a lovely comment from my best friend.
My late best friend.
She passed from brain cancer a couple of months after her comment.
Still miss her so much.

The wind is howling.
And, we have had a little rain.
Poor Dad.
He feels the cold so much.

Dear heaven.
What a miserable post.
Better I end now.


  1. Sending you a smile and hug. Hope spirits improve all round soon Granny

    • Thanks.
      Am actually fine.
      The blog just turned out a bit miserable.

  2. Don’t know if it would help but perhaps the WP happiness engineers might be able to help. At the least it wouldn’t hurt to ask them. 🤔

    • It turns out I only came to WP then.
      Now I can’t remember where I blogged before.
      I was looking through old comments to see if I could find a clue.
      The, somehow, published the old post again!

  3. Hope your spirits lift soon Granny. Those days are miserable. My husband hates stew too. Now I call it’casserole’. He eats it with no complaints even though it’s cooked in the same old way! Men!

    • My brother does not like bones in Stew.
      Have to try and get them all out before serving.
      As you say, MEN!!!

    • My ex used to eat brussels sprouts with gusto, until I foolishly told him they were none other than tiny cabbages. Men!

      • 😂😂😂

  4. Morning, Granny. Firstly, I’m really sorry to hear about losing your best friend. It must have been a very difficult and emotional time for you and her friends and family. Grief takes a long time to process – it’s bound to take some time to heal, even from that long ago.

    As far as finding your old blog is concerned, how about googling ‘blogging websites in 2010 (or whatever year is appropriate)? It should come up with a list of them and you might just recognise one of them as being the one that you used all those years ago. Just a thought. Take care, Granny. Love Ellie Xxx 💞

  5. I hope the stew is lovely I’m sure will be. And just maybe it might become your brother’s most favourite thing.

  6. Tell your picky brother it’s not stew, it’s bredie ;0)

  7. Hope the stew warms everyone up!

  8. Tell your brother it’s Boeuf Bourguignon, not stew. I love stew on a cold winter’s day. Off to defrost met to make one.

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