Posted by: granny1947 | August 5, 2022

Granny has a question.

Hello All.

My question?
I was talking to another blogger about ghosts.
Mentioned I had done a post about an encounter I had.
Decided to look for it.
Went to all posts.
They only go back to 2010.
When you have a lot of blogs does WP put the older ones somewhere?
Have I lost them?

I was about to do a post yesterday when I remembered we have load shedding again.
Tonight our lights go off at eight.
An early night on the cards.
I shall probably be awake at two in the morning.
I was awake at two this morning.
M came through at four.
Said, go back to bed.
In a very stern voice.
So I did.
But, only because I wanted to!!!

M and I went for a walk this morning.
Just a short one but it is a start.
On the way we came across one of the contractors.
He was sitting on the grass sorting out stuff.
I asked him how he was.
Apparently, not good.
Not going into details.
It is his story.
I said do you need a hug?
He leapt up.
Hugged me so hard I thought he was going to break a rib.
And then he cried.
He looked a bit better when we left.
Don’t think M is going to want to walk with me again.

I have done the complex newsletter.
One of our committee members resigned.
Has sold his house.
Found another one.
Updated the information sheets.

Picked up a whole heap of rain lilies from another friend.
Planted them.
Watered my garden.
And now, I have written to you.

We won’t go into what I HAVEN’T done.
Don’t want to have too much fun in one day.



  1. You did a great thing for that contractor, Granny.

    • Felt so sorry for him.
      Don’t want to get too involved.
      Might want me to help with his kids.
      Those days are over!

  2. Being new here, I have no idea what happens to old posts, but I hope you get an answer to your question, Granny, and thanks for sharing it. I’ll be watching with interest in the hopes that you get some resolution that does not involve losing old posts. I love that story about the hug. So much.

    • Thanks Stacey.
      Hopefully, will still find the posts on another site.
      Hold thumbs.

  3. Hahaha I love the “we won’t go into what I haven’t done” so often we have a little chat about what we have done and meanwhile all the “haven’ts” are lurking in the background, tapping their feet and rolling their eyes.

  4. Sounds like you had a very busy day.

  5. Per your first post, you blogged at a different place before starting this blog:

    Hello Everyone.
    I have just moved over another site and am feeling a bit strange.
    I am going to cheat a little and copy a previous post.
    Just until I know what I am doing here.
    Right now I am trying to work out how to get the writing UNDER my photo.

    Maybe your ghost post is on that previous blog?

    • Thanks Nancy.
      Really thought I had been blogging on WP for much longer.
      Next problem.
      Can’t remember where I blogged before.

      • If you read a few of your early posts (and the comments), you might unearth some clues. As I recall, lots of bloggers from SA used Blogspot or Blogger before moving over to WP.

  6. What a real nuisance having load shedding again, Granny. It must be such a pain in the neck. Did you get any more sleep last night (I’m writing this on Saturday, so that would be your last night)? I do hope so. I didn’t sleep a jot the night before last and ended up feeling exhausted and quite unwell halfway through the afternoon. I slept okay last night, though, so I am a bit more alert than before.

    I hope you find your missing blogs – how annoying for you not to be able to find them. I hope they turn up somewhere – and soon. I’ve just emailed you more of my news. Love Ellie Xxx 💖

    • Yes Ellie. Eight to ten tonight again. Another early night.

  7. Another busy busy day for granny

  8. Were you able to find out why you couldn’t go back to your old blogs?I have an archive file on my Bridges burning site and through where I can go back to well the end of 2010 when I started blogging, but I haven’t got an archive site for a world apart a better look at that

    • Think I was blogging elsewhere.
      For the life of me I can’t remember where.

  9. This is precious. Only a hug can block a bug. Glad you were there for him.

    • Thanks Elsabe.
      Just glad I could be there for him.

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