Posted by: granny1947 | August 3, 2022

Granny and something interesting

Hello All.

It just goes to show you can learn at any age.
A friend, in the complex, phoned me today.
Something was making a nest just outside her bathroom window.
Out of mud.
My first thought was swallows.
She was worried it was the start of a bee hive.
She is not too keen on bees.
Especially outside her toilet window.

I went around and took some photos and sent them to our snake expert.
He know a lot more than snakes.
Turns out it is a wasp nest.
I think they only lay one egg.
They enclose it in the nest.
With a sedated spider.
When the wasp hatches it eats the spider.
And, leaves soon afterwards.
Who knew that?
Certainly not me.

I came home, after a long visit to my Dad, determined to clean my den.
If I put some seeds on top of my bookshelf, I could grow vegetables.
I did not do it.
Tomorrow is another day.
I shall also clean the bathroom.

So, another enthralling Granny day.
Wake up!!!


  1. We have quite a few wasps here, I always break the nest, not keen on them at all. 😊

  2. You have such interesting days.

  3. Ooh, don’t like wasps or spiders! But I do enjoy your posts! 🙂

  4. Omg, a wasp nest outside of the toilet sounds terrifying!

    Also seems like you’ve had a busy day.

  5. Wow, Granny. Thanks, I never knew that about wasp nests and sedated spiders. Yikes.

  6. Sorry, Granny – I thought I’d posted this comment the other day, but this morning, I found it still half-written on here. Doh 😜.

    Well, I’ve learned a lot about wasps’ nests today. I had no idea they only lay one egg, nor that they lull a spider into a false sense of security and then eats it, too. Yuk! Xx 🕷

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