Granny and back to normal.

Hello All.

Jasmine taking a piece of seaweed to bury in the dunes.
Damn I miss that dog.
And my beach.

No more political blogs.
I know they are irrelevant to all of you.
Just needed to get that off my chest.
Did anyone visit the link?

What on earth have I blogged about lately?
What caused me to get a new follower? (not for long)
A plastic surgeon from America.
I thought WTF?
This morning I looked in the mirror.
Enough said.
Wonder if he will do a pro bono house call?

Tomorrow our temp is supposed to plummet.
With an 80% chance of rain.
Here’s hoping.

My Dad and brother coming for lunch.
A Texan steak on the menu.
With roast potatoes.
I don’t, normally, do roasties with that.
But, the old man loves them.

My Dad’s large tax rebate hit his account today.
I phoned to tell him.
He says we must have a party.
A party for a 99 year old.
This is going to take a fair bit of thought.
Any ideas?

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