Granny and what happened to Sunday?

Hello All.

As I sit here I have no idea what to talk about.
What have I done today?
Went to Dad early and made him breakfast.
Said he wasn’t hungry.
But, he ate.
I can be a bit of a bully.
Told him he was not going to die of starvation on my watch.

I wasn’t a happy Granny.
When I got there I discovered there was no bread for my Dad.
So, I had to go back to the shop.
My brother had just been to the shop.
For smokes and cooldrink.
For himself.

And now, I am going to share something with you guys.
It’s a secret.
Don’t tell anyone.
Got a call from my brother, last night.
Dad had had a fall.
Couldn’t walk and his arm was bleeding.

M and I rushed around.
Thinking, this is the end.
But, it wasn’t.
Thank God.
Dad, normally, has a whiskey before bed.
He had had a bad night the previous night.
Thought he would have a second.
Forgetting he had not eaten.
My 99 year old Dad was pissed!

I shouldn’t laugh.
But, I thought it was so funny.
That is the way I want to go.

7 responses to “Granny and what happened to Sunday?”

  1. LOL! Well, when I got as far as you saying you didn’t know what to write about, I thought, “Omigosh, you might write of how it felt to sit on that gorgeous beach that day!” but you kept writing and I kept reading, and… LOL! God bless him!

  2. You often say you don’t know what to write about, Granny, but you always come up with something interesting or amusing once you get into the flow of things. How mean of your brother not to bother with your elderly dad’s needs! I bet you weren’t very happy with him (probably, an understatement). And thank goodness your dad was okay. I did giggle when I got to the bit about him being thoroughly pissed, though. I’m wondering whether he has a hangover this morning, bless his heart!? Xx 🌞💞

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