Granny plays catch up.

Hello All.

Almost missed today.
Damn power outages.
I wasn’t going to mention them.
And, now I have.

I decided to use the outages as a time to catch up.
And, I did.
I watered my plants.
Am sure they were happy.
Planted some spinach.
And counted all the bulbs coming up.
There are six.
Have no idea what they are.
If I remember, will post pics.

I also caught up on my filing.
That should bring some rain.
Well, to be honest, not ALL of my filing.
But, most of it.
I feel quite good.
Tomorrow, finish filing and clean the bathroom.
Damn, I hope I over sleep.

Also on the agenda, is to make another pot of soup.
It is the one thing the old man really likes.

Today was quite productive.
Did my tax.
It was not as much as I was expecting so I paid straight away.
Then did my Dad’s tax,
Nice big rebate coming to him.
Phoned to give him the good news.
He is convinced they will catch up to him some day and want money back.
At his age, they are going to have a great time finding him.

We now have TWO cases of monkey pox in the country.
The old guy thinks he might have it.
It is a good thing I love him.

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