Posted by: granny1947 | June 29, 2022

Granny is being ruled

Hello All.

What happened?
I haven’t posted for three days.
Hardly read any blogs either.
I’ll tell you.

We are being completely ruled by our power outages.
And, I am not impressed.
They keep changing the levels.
It is almost impossible to keep up.
And, I keep getting caught out.

Yesterday, I was chatting to my daughter on the phone.
Zap, no power, no phone.
We were off from ten until twelve.
Last night we were off from eight until ten.
Mad rush to have a shower and wash my hair.
And get my hair dried before the power went off.

This morning I came through at a quarter to six.
Thought I would do a blog.
Checked my phone.
Power off at six until eight.
Mad rush to get the kettle on and make some, much needed, coffee.

Took M his coffee.
His reaction?
“What the hell are you doing?”
Mental note on a piece of paper.
Buy a damn flask.
One cup of coffee does not do it for me.

We are off again today from two until four.
Then they switch to level six.
Probably be off again tonight from eight to ten, but will only know later.


  1. I grrrr with you. Met my 2 ouers hier, spring ek soos ‘n vlooi op ‘n warm plaat rond om te sorg dat hul warm bly (verwarmers), water te hê, warm kos te hê. Dankie tog vir ‘n gasbottel vir koffie/tee.

    • Yes, Elsabe, parents are a problem. My Dad not eating. Have to keep taking food he likes just to make sure he gets something in.

  2. Gistermiddag was ons vier ure lank af, na ‘n oggendsessie van twee uur ook nog. Dit maak mens lam! Sterkte, Granny.

    • You too Frannie. We haven’t had a four hour one. Yet!

  3. Sounds hellish. What is the reason

    • Corruption, nepotism, wholesale theft. Previous lack of maintenance.

  4. It must be driving you mad 😡

  5. Go and get that flask right now. A girl can cope with the most things but only if she has the right shoes and plenty of good coffee.

  6. Gat a flask . . . Or a propane camp stove!

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