Posted by: granny1947 | June 23, 2022

Granny and the pool.

Hello All.

So, yesterday, I went down to buy some bubble wrap stuff to cover my Dad’s pool.
It is just a splash pool.
My Dad likes to tell everyone he can swim a whole length underwater.
Bless him.
We need to cover it because there is not going to be any water to refill it.
Nobody uses the damn thing.
Have been telling them to fill the thing up and plant some vegetables.

The material came in a piece three metres wide.
I ordered it to be 4.8m long.
It was all far too big for the pool.
After a huge struggle my brother and I got it over the pool.
At which point, I gave up.
At my age, balancing on the edge of a pool is a big no no.
Balancing on the edge of ANYTHING is not on.

I called in the tenant from my Dad’s flat.
He was wonderful.
He measured and cut and tugged.
Hopefully it will be fine.
I am so over it.

This morning I went into our local supermarket.
It was nine o’clock so I thought all the specials on their markdown table would be gone.
I found this.

The lady at the checkout asked me what is was.
I said I have no idea but it looks tasty.
I bought two.
It is delicious.
Think it is chicken in a sweet and sour sauce.
It could be beef or pork.
Whatever, we are having one with our supper tonight.
This old girl loves a bargain.


  1. Bargain tables are the best, not only is it cheaper but you get to try stuff you wouldn’t have considered buying at full price 😊

  2. Me too! I mean old and likes bargains!

  3. Makes it even taste better when its a bargain! Glad you didn’t fall in the pool! 🙂

  4. A busy productive day and a bargain too. Enjoy. Whatever it is

  5. I think it was time for a veggie garden. Glad you got help. Enjoy the bargain!

  6. I think growing veggies where the pool is would be a great idea, Granny. Free vegetables for life and only the hard work of planting and looking after them into the bargain. There’s nothing like home-grown veg. Before I acquired my disability, I grew potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers etc., in my garden. Now it’s all grass and a big wild patch at the back for the wildlife.

    I’m not sure what to make of your bargain dinner – I’m glad it turned out to be something nice. I love sweet and sour (but without the meat, in my case). I sometimes make a sweet and sour vegetable and tofu stir-fry, which is also delicious. I love a bargain as well. We get ours put out in the supermarket last thing in the evening – just when I’m not able to go.

    Glad you didn’t fall down the hole, though, Granny! Xx 💞

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