Posted by: granny1947 | June 19, 2022

Granny and patience is a virtue

Hi All.

I wasn’t going to blog today.
Didn’t think I had anything much to say.
Not that that ever stops me.

So it was Father’s day.
And the old man came over for lunch.
It is chilly here today.

The old man opened his presents.
Not true.
I don’t believe in spending huge amounts on fancy wrapping paper.
Put everything in a gift bag.
One I already had.

He loved the tartan scarf I got him.
Put it on right away and left wearing it.
Was pleased with the socks from my brother.
And then came the poacher.

I read out the directions.
One teaspoon of water in the cup.
Break an egg into the cup.
Put another teaspoon of water on the egg.
Prick the yolk and white.
Microwave for 30 seconds.

This was the response.
Why can’t I put 2 teaspoons of water in first?
Me..because it says put it over the egg.
Why do I have to prick the yolk?
Me…because, if you don’t the egg could explode.
Won’t the egg run?
Me…don’t think so.
Where do you plug it in?
uhm…Dad it is for the microwave.

I am telling you now.
After all the effort of buying the damn thing.


  1. Soup is always a good option on a chilly day, Granny. It was a fair bit cooler over here, too. Quite a relief after the last couple of days. What soup was it today – cabbage? I made cabbage soup once when I was trying to lose weight. It had other vegetables in it, too, but I made so much, I was thoroughly sick of it at the end. I was beginning to look like a cabbage!

    I’m pleased your Dad and brother could come over and join you today, and it was a bonus that your Dad liked the scarf (even perhaps, not so much the egg poacher by the sound of it). I’m glad you mentioned pricking the whites of the egg as well as the yolks, as I’d forgotten to mention that yesterday. You could well have ended up with the egg pebbledashing the kitchen walls (NO wallpaper – I remembered 😉). Xx

    • Not cabbage soup. Still have half a cabbage looking at me.

  2. Oh dear granny. After all you’re rushing around and he’s not going to use it – – –

    • I shall go over tomorrow and give them a lesson. Sigh.

  3. It’s like that with gadgets, they can be the greatest thing, but the instructions drive you up the wall

  4. Poaching eggs is not difficult. One small pan half filled with boiling water. One tablespoon of salt. Break egg into cup. Slide it into boiling water. Boil until white goes opaque. About two minutes. Slide egg out with slotted spoon. One of the things I have learnt to do in lockdown. I taught husband. We have never looked back. He prefers to use a small frying pan. Same principle. Lots of salt to thicken the water!

  5. Haha… I loved the ending. We experienced it many times… they are just so set in their ways and don’t even have the energy (?) to try something easier and new. Ai ai.

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