Posted by: granny1947 | June 18, 2022

Granny walks and walks

Hello All.

Yes, you don’t often hear that I have walked.
I didn’t want to.
I wanted to buy an egg poacher for my Dad for Father’s day.
He loves poached eggs.
Yesterday, I tried several shops.
Even going to our Hospice shop(thrift shop).
No luck.

Today I went to the mall.
It is just up the road.
It is HUGE.
180 shops.
I hate the place.

I got there just after nine.
And went into every shop I thought might have one.
Finally, someone at one of the other shops said she thought she had seen one at a certain shop.
I went there.
Only to find it was right near the entrance I had come in!
By this time I was exhausted.
And sat on a stack of chairs that were for sale.
And waited for someone to wonder what I was doing.
They had one.
It is for the microwave but is simple to use.
Hope it works.
They rang up my purchase.
It was R13.00 more than the price on the box.
I might be old but I am not stupid.
So, then they had to void my payment and change the price on their system.

While I was sitting, waiting for help, I got a message from the son of my new friend.
Would I like to join them for breakfast.
I had a massive bacon and cheese muffin.
I had half a massive muffin.
Took the other half back for M.
I had been away for three hours.
Bribery and corruption works.

I saw my new friend yesterday.
She was in a state.
Her cousin had just dropped dead.
And she has found out she has high Kalium levels.
I haven’t googled it yet but it does not sound good.
Something to do with the heart.
She is going to have key cut for her front door.
And put me on speed dial.
I do hope I do not get that call.
I probably won’t hear my phone ring.

And, on that note, I shall leave you.
We have a 24% of rain this evening.
I need to go and check if they are right.


  1. Jy vertel so boeiend van jou avonture, ek lees te lekker.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend’s cousin, Granny. That’s sad. Kalium is known as Potassium in the UK and is important for a healthy heart as you thought. Hope your friend stays well.

    Glad you got the egg poacher for your Dad. Shame I don’t live nearer – I could have given you mine – I don’t use it anymore since becoming vegan. Mind you, a rejected and secondhand poacher wouldn’t be quite the ticket for a Father’s Day present, would it 😉!? Oh, yes, something important about eggs if you’re microwaving them. Please, remember to prick the yokes before cooking. If not, you might end up with an egg coating on your wallpaper!

    • Hi Ellie. Yes I googled it. Does not look too good. We don’t have wallpaper!!!

  3. Hi Granny. Maybe that’s why you and I are put on the earth to help our friends

  4. I’m glad you got the poacher, I detest going to the shops as well, but hubby has just had an op, so I’ve been going. I’d rather listen to catawaulling until midnight in all honesty.

    • Me too. After yesterday I don’t want to go anywhere. But, have to take M for his blood tests. Bugger.

  5. Your egg poacher adventures warm my heart. Just imagine someone might have tried to buy the chair and the lady in it!

    • Actually, it was a stack of four chairs.
      And, I was not going to budge until someone came to help me.

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