Posted by: granny1947 | June 15, 2022

Granny and the sneezes.

Hello All.

I was just contemplating a post and wondering what to talk about.
And then, I sneezed.
Eleven times.
I kid you not.
I sneeze with gusto.
I give it my all.
At work, people right down the passage would yell “bless you”.
M holds his sneezes in.
I have warned him.
One day his brains are going to blow through his ears!
I think that, when I sneeze, I kickstart my heart.
That is my theory and I am sticking to it.

More orchids from my dear friend.
How lucky can a girl be.

Do you guys have a Food Lovers Market?
We used to have a lot of branches but they closed them all down and opened one huge one.
I haven’t been there.
Yesterday they had a ten rand special day.
My brother went and brought me back a massive cabbage for R10.

Today my Stepdad and brother came for lunch.
I cooked some chicken schnitzel and potato wedges.
And I fried cabbage with onions and herbs.
My brother turned his nose up at the thought of cabbage.
And then ate a huge plate.
It was delicious.
I added some Cumin to the cabbage.
I wonder if that is why I am so damn thirsty?
Must google it.
Have never used Cumin.


  1. we always add caraway seeds to cabbage. apparently it reduces wind! I dont know but it tastes nice.

    • Damn. Another spice to buy! Haven’t noticed any wind. Lol.

  2. I have a good friend who trumpets loudly like an elephant when she sneezes. Even the cat is shot from one side of the room to the other! And I generally jump out of my skin too as her sneezes come so suddenly and without warning. I feel the least she could do is wave a red flag in advance (but there is no advance with her – she just blows like a geyser!). It sounds like your sneezes are the same, Granny 😉. I’ll send you a red flag next Christmas.

    As for your description of M’s brains blowing through his ears, it had me rolling around on the floor. Chance would be a fine thing – if I did that, I’d be stuck there, possibly permanently.

    I’ve not heard of Food Lovers Market. It sounds good and that cabbage was definitely a bargain. I googled how many Rand there were in a £ – it was only 52p – very reasonable. I’m glad you tried the cumin. It shouldn’t make you thirsty, though. It’s quite cleansing but also reduces testosterone levels in men. I wouldn’t tell your brother that – it might give him a complex. Or M.

    The orchids are beautiful too. Xx 😊

    • Hi Ellie.
      Just got a mail from a friend.
      I was concerned as I had not heard from her and she wasn’t well.
      She says she sent me a reply.
      I never got it.
      If you write to me and I don’t respond check with me.
      No pressure love.

      • Hi Granny. I hope your friend was okay now that you’ve spoken to her. I sent you one of my rambling replies yesterday evening, about 8pm my time. I’m not sure if you got it either. If you did, that’s great and just reply when you have time. If not, get back to me and I’ll resend it. There are some very strange goings-on lately. I blame it on the cumin! Hope you’re okay. Xx

  3. Your fried cabbage sounds delicious, Granny. And I am loving the idea of the sneeze as a heart kickstarter! May you sneeze well and prosper : )

  4. Sounds like you cooked up a storm. I hope they were grateful

  5. Embrace those sneezes! I have never used cumin either. I don’t think.

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