Posted by: granny1947 | June 11, 2022

Granny and another day.

Hello All.

You guys must tell me if you are getting tired of all the photos of my favourite place.
I probably won’t listen, but you can try.

Not an eventful day.
Fetched the 99 year old.
He had coffee and a roll.
Which he thought was a bit tasteless.
M had two.

Oh good grief.
My phone is going crazy.
The developers cut a main cable yesterday.
The municipality had to come out and the power came back.
Not ours.
We are fine.
It is the upper section of the complex.
Now they have all gone off again.
Now I am getting people at my front door.
Why can’t we turn it back on?
They do not understand.
This is not a complex problem.
It is our wonderful municipality.

Ok. I retract that previous statement.
The municipality is busy working on it right now.
In the dark.
Good luck to them.
What are the first aid tips for electrocution?

So, anything I might have been about to post has now left the building.

Have a good evening.
Or a good day.


  1. Never tired of photos of your favorite place — I can feel the cool water-breeze on my ankles!

    • I second that! 😊

    • It is the Atlantic ocean. The water is freezing!

      • We share an ocean! ☺️It is indeed brisk, lol!

      • We used to share an ocean.
        We now live on the Indian ocean.
        Much warmer.

  2. Love your photos! The sea is my happy place!

    • Me too Joy. We have beaches here but they are not the same.

  3. I love the photos you share of your favourite place – it always looks so calm and peaceful. If I screw my eyes up and look again at the rocks, I can see lots of walruses (or whatever the plural of walrus is – walri perhaps? Or perhaps not!). On the subject of walruses – no, I know you weren’t – just humour me – a group of them are called a herd, a pod or a huddle – I looked it up on Google. Why? I really don’t know now! I’ve lost my thread. I’ve lost the plot! Sorry, Granny. Hope your power stays on, and there are no deaths from electrocution. Xx ⚡🌟🎇

    • Haha. I love the way you think Ellie.

  4. Please don’t stop sending your photos. Amongst all the mayhem that you tell us about going on in your complex, the sea looks so calm

    • I REALLY miss that beach.

  5. I love your photos, they’re so inviting

  6. Such a pretty picture.

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