Posted by: granny1947 | June 10, 2022

Granny and Ho Hum

Hello All.

As I sit here I have no idea what to say.
What happened today?
Apparently, not much.

Had a meeting with a security company about tightening up our security.
Their quote is close on half a million.
It is not going to happen.
I would rather sit at the gate and Granny slap everyone who breaks the rules.

Then, my new friend sent me a message to ask if she could put the kettle on.
Of course I said yes.
The last visit lasted three hours.
This one went on for two.
She makes a BBQ spice with 71 spices.
Hell, it is delicious.
I tasted a bit too much.
And, nearly choked.
But, I shall be buying some more spices for our kitchen.
Coriander is on the list.
Have forgotten what the other one is.
Will ask her tomorrow.

My UIF did not come in.
Despite me checking every few minutes.
Just checked again.
Still not in.
Will just have to win the lottery tonight.

So, it is a boring post.
My apologies.
Will try to do something more exciting tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Life is what it is … and it’s a valid post. Glad you met with your friend, and hope tomorrow is a better day for you tomorrow

  2. It’s always good to hear from you Granny even on a oh hum day. It was that kind of day here as well yesterday but lashings of rain and very windy. . I turned up for a facial to find that I was an hour late for the appointment. So ho hum indeed.

  3. See if they’ll pay you to sit at the gate and Granny- slap folks, what the heck, it’s worth a shot! 😁

  4. Half a million!! Really? Do they you’re made of money, Granny? I much prefer the idea of Granny-slapping at the gate anyway. Much more fun! Just don’t get arrested.

    I think we all have ho-hum days. I had one yesterday too. I tried to write a post as I’m overdue, but I couldn’t think of a topic that was even vaguely interesting. I’m still racking my brains this morning. Watch this space! Be warned, though, you might have a long wait.

    As your friend cooked with 71 spices, I’m surprised you could taste anything apart from ‘hot’. Coriander is lovely; it goes well with cumin which is spicier and great for curries. But as for 71, I really wouldn’t have a clue what they could have been.

    Did you win the lottery last night, and if so, are you going to write a post about it? Or perhaps not; otherwise we’ll all be knocking on your door wanting to be your best friend ever 🤪. Xx 😁

    • I won R5.00.
      Big deal.
      I bought some coriander today.
      Also bought Cumin….darn expensive.

      • Enjoy your curry! Dinner tonight?

      • 😂

  5. I’m looking forward to the Granny slapping moments 😊

    • Don’t think I will actually have to slap.
      Apparently, I have a fierce Granny look.

      • The threat will be enough 😂

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