Posted by: granny1947 | June 9, 2022

Granny is befuddled

Hi All.

What a time I have had.
First off, I got a whole host of e-mails from Facebook.
Saying someone was trying to access my FB from a device I seldom use.
Then FB security shut down my FB.

I managed to go in and change my password and got FB back.
Then, to my horror, I couldn’t get into WordPress.
Thought I had lost all of you.
I couldn’t open any blogs.
Just got message to say WordPress had refused my connection.

Then I phoned two IT guys.
Apparently, both of them have no expertise in Word Press or FB.
So, back to the drawing board.
Fiddled around.
Connected WP to FB.
Then disconnected it again.
You are all back.
I am a happy Granny.

Now, I have several days of posts to catch up on.
You have a fun day too.


  1. IT guys operate in a much rarer sphere than we fb and wp dabblers 😉

  2. You deserved some wine! That would be a horror story to lose WP. Glad you are back! Have fun catching up! 🙂

  3. What a nightmare. Cheers

  4. Welcome back! We behaved ourselves the whole time you were gone!

  5. Welcome back! you were definitely missed 🙂

  6. I was thinking about you yesterday, Granny. I missed your usual input and wondered if you were okay. I know that life goes on away from WP-land and FB, too, come to that. But, I can be a bit of a worry-guts, too, although I did think that, perhaps, you were having a day off (much deserved that would have been). I’m glad you’ve got everything back up and running now. Who needs IT men anyway!? Me! Often.

    So, now you have lots of catching up to do. Don’t forget to get some sleep as well. I’m following far too many blogs now and don’t seem to get a moment to myself. I think I will have to cut down on some as I hardly have time to think, let alone write or get my coursework done on time. I like to be loyal, though, and don’t like to hurt peoples’ feelings. I’ve always been a sensitive soul. Not always a good thing. Nice to have you back here, Granny xx 💐🌹🌼

    • What coursework are you doing?

      • I’ve been doing a series of online writing courses (this is my fourth with the same tutor)- there are always about three essays to complete every week. That’s on top of my blog, which is why it only gets written about once a week. I want to do more, but it’s the best I can do short of not going to bed at all! Xx 🥱

  7. Well done getting yourself back on track, I would have also been befuddled. xxx

  8. Oh Granny techie stuff is good until we have a day like yours – and we do!

    • thankfully, all back on track.

  9. It’s terrible when that happens, but you succeeded, congrats 😊

  10. She’s B~A~C~K . . . good. 😀

    • Thanks NR. I was so worried I had lost you all.

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