Posted by: granny1947 | June 5, 2022

Granny is in a quandary

Hello All.

My Dad and brother are coming over for lunch just now.
Can’t waffle on too long.

Why am I in a quandary?
When we lived in Cape Town I had a vegetarian friend.
Let me rephrase that.
I had a friend who is a vegetarian.

I have a very old cook book.
An American one.
It is called the New Family Cook book.
And, has a thousand pages.
If you ever need to cook Possum or Reindeer I have a recipe.

I used to make her a vegetable pie with a sort of scone dough.
She loved it.
I took the dough recipe from one and the vegetables from another.
Now, I can’t find the dough recipe.
I DID find a piece of paper in the book.
Which looks promising.
However, it just has ingredients.
No method.
No title.
Am not even sure it IS the dough recipe.

Wish me luck.
Supper could be interesting.

Lastly, was quite surprised that no-one commented on our horrific crime stats.
On the ashes part two.
Wonder if we are becoming immune to violence.
And death.


  1. Well I hope dinner turns out ok, I’m pretty sure I did comment on Ashes, have you checked your spam?

    • You did comment on the post but not the stats.
      I suppose the stats are more interesting(or scary) to us.

      • Lately I’ve found likes turn on and off, so I don’t put to much faith in the stats

  2. Sorry that I didn’t respond to the crime stats. But when the figures just get worse every quarter, and both the commissioner and minister they they are losing the battle against crime, then what I have to say is not suitable to include in any blog.
    Currently we have more armed security companies than we have police on the beat.
    I know many highly qualified ex-police sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. Just pity they aren’t recalled because of the colour of their skin.
    Once upon a time, pre-ANC, if you were attacked in your home by armed miscreants you were allowed to shoot them. Today you must prove that you didn’t first try overpower them! This stupid rule ensures that criminals no longer wait until you are away from your house, but prefer you to be home.
    Miscreants are no longer scared of the law.
    Sadly the stats lump all murders/shootings together. I would like to see how many political, gang related there are, as well as how many people died in hijackings, home invasions, business robberies.
    Another stat that would be interesting is how many people died due to vigilantes actions by various communities.
    Most of the above would be reduced if we had a police force that was not mostly corrupt or ineffective. Then the stats would reduce and become manageable.
    My family and friends overseas see these stats as well and ask me to please consider leaving the country before I also become a stat. But I’m too old to pack up and leave.

  3. I hear you Paul.
    And, we are supposed to warn them in all the official languages before you shoot.
    It is laughable.
    I agree with you about the stats too.
    I would like to know how many deaths have been caused by taxies.
    How many were caused by people who bought their licenses.
    Like you I am far too old to leave.
    Besides, I was born here,
    My mother was born here.
    I love this country.

  4. Oh dear do remember to tell us how the dough turned out!!

    • I’ll tell you.
      If it DOES turn out.
      Have serious misgivings.

  5. Your vegetable pie with scone dough sounds delicious, or I’m sure it will be if you can find the dough recipe. Have you thought of looking on Google for a dough making recipe?

    It’s lovely when a host goes to the trouble of making something, especially for their guest if their dietary requirements are different to the norm. I’ve been vegan for three years now, having been a veggie for thirty years before that. That was a challenge because you were lucky to get a loaf of wholemeal bread thirty years ago!

    When I lost my Mum six years ago, one of the things I kept was her handwritten recipe book. It was primarily vegetarian as two of us in the family were veggie. It’s got some lovely ideas for meals, but so many of them are either on unfinished scraps of paper or, worse still, in shorthand! Hope the meal goes well, Granny xx

    • Hi Ellie.
      I have a friend who went from vegie to vegan.
      It was so difficult.
      No butter, no eggs, no milk.
      Eventually I settled with loads of veggies and roast potatoes.
      I have the veggies in the steamer but am dubious about the dough.
      Have completely forgotten how I made it.
      Or how much work was involved in this damn pie.

      • I think people don’t realise how easy it actually is to cook for vegans these days. I have oat or coconut milk and Flora (sunflower margarine) and I can buy a vegan egg substitute although I have to admit it’s not the same. I have to say that I’d be more than happy to have piles of veggies and roasties – yummy 😋. Lay a place at the table for me, Granny. I’ll be over in half-an-hour 😂 xx

      • Wish you could just pop over. Would love to meet you.

      • It would be great, wouldn’t it. I’d love to meet you, too. It’s funny how I probably spend more time with my blogging buddies than I do with my usual friends (in the flesh, so to speak). Doesn’t say much for my social life really, does it!? Xx 😂

      • I am finding it very hard to do both!

  6. Your post’s crime stats were indeed horrific. How on earth does one dare go out anywhere, or sleep?? Our own stats seem insane (I’ve not read of our latest mass shooting, yet — yesterday, I believe). One can only presume the folks trying to come here to the US from central America don’t know of our violence and growing lacks and shrinking democracy.. I’d hate to think they know of it and still must prefer to risk life and limb to get here because of their country’s corruption, gangs, bribed lawlessness, and lack of enough employment, education and healthcare is worse.

    I don’t think anyone’s immune to stats; I think everyone is overwhelmed. Why wasn’t a global pandemic enough suffering? Why must we all live in daily fear (albeit some far more than others) too? It’s mind-boggling.

    • Yes. We have to be very aware. Car windows locked. Checking mirrors etc.
      One finds it is much better to just stay at home.
      Very sad.

  7. You are cracking me up again, Granny. Years ago, I developed a fascination with old recipe books, so your line, “If you ever need to cook Possum or Reindeer I have a recipe” especially tickled me. I haven’t tried most of them, but I just delight in the existence of gems like “Possum Primavera” and “Squirrel fricassee.” I read in one of these that the best way to prepare rats is to get them drunk on Bordeaux, to mimic the fragrance of fine wine-cellar rodent of certain Old World rural countrysides. Hah! Wishing you luck with this meal : )

    • Hi Stacey. Was not too bad. Will post a pic tomorrow.

  8. I hope the meal turned out well and I really do hope that we are not becoming immune to violence.

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