Posted by: granny1947 | June 4, 2022

Granny and ashes part two

Hello All.

I have put those dreadful stats up to show you that my post about death is quite cheerful.

So, husband number one.
Had six way bypass.
Didn’t change his lifestyle.
So, the inevitable happened.

My younger daughter phoned me to say they wanted to scatter his ashes in Table Bay.
But, it was blowing a gale.
What should they do.
I said “stand upwind”
It didn’t go down well.

Then his mother phoned me.
I offered to scatter his ashes at his favourite fishing spot.
She was thrilled.
His cousin was out, on a visit, from Germany.
She was coming to stay with me and she brought the ashes with her.
He was a big man.
And they were damn heavy.

The next day we went down to do the deed.
I took a screwdriver with me.
You don’t want to freak out an unsuspecting fisherman.
I took the ashes out of the casket in the car.
And carried them down to the rocks.
In a big plastic bag.

On our way to a suitable gully, I slipped.
I couldn’t drop the bag.
That would have been gross.
So, I grazed my arm and leg hanging on to them.
And muttered a few choice words to him.

We found a nice gully where the water was racing in and out.
And, we said a few words.
Have no idea what they were.
And I poured the ashes into the gully.
Where they sank down into a heap.
The first wave came in.
The ashes swirled around and settled down into a heap again.
The second wave came in.
Same thing happened.
The 3rd time it happened I said “he is trying to get out, let’s go.”


  1. Ashes are not the easiest thing to dispose. Hubby has a request – I’ve told him I want no part in it but son and daughter will do it. I’m not climbing a mountain while he’s alive … certainly not doing it once he’s not there to catch me! 😉

    • I agree 100%. Climbing a mountain is a no no. I can’t even climb on a chair!

      • 😂🤣

  2. Oh dear, this is so funny… Thanks for making me chuckle about something that is actually far too close for comfort.

    • If you chuckled my job for the day is done!

  3. Ek kon ook nie my lag hou nie. Thanks Granny, I love your blogs.

  4. Very practical, I’m sure he appreciated being left alone to do his thing

  5. This is just so funny, Granny. I can visualise it all, every bit of it! I’m glad I saw the funny side of this post, unlike when I embarrassed myself with the first one 😬🤣. I’ve never scattered anybody (or should I say any body) in my life. I can’t even decide where I want to end up when my time comes (hopefully, a long way off with a bit of luck!). I’m reserving a place either in a wildflower meadow or in the bluebell woods in a nature park. I fancy pushing up the daisies and surprising everyone! Great post, Granny xx 🤩

    • Thanks Ellie.
      That is an excellent idea.
      Never take life too seriously!

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  7. Oh your last line about him trying to get out. LOL! I never thought about ashes being heavy but you have a point!

    • He was a BIG man.
      Very heavy.

  8. Ah Granny an adventure worthy of a movie! Bet line? ‘Stand upwind’!

  9. This is one of the most delightful discussions of death I’ve ever encountered. Had me laughing all the way. Thank you, Granny!

    • Oh Stacey. You say the kindest things.

  10. Good morning love, you always bering a smile to my face, thanks you

    • Good heavens. I was thinking of you this morning. And, here you are. Lots of love xxxx

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