Posted by: granny1947 | May 29, 2022

Granny and ashes.

Hi All.
The following post might upset sensitive viewers.
If you ARE sensitive you should not be following me.
The above picture is a vase that M did.
It was the closest thing I could find to a urn.
It might be a longish post.
I have to give back ground.

I have pinched the idea for this post from Bereaved Dad.
His wife passed six years ago and he is still battling with her ashes.
Everyone is different.
Thank heavens.

I have had to scatter the ashes of two husbands.
Today I will tell you about hubby no 2.
Otherwise we will be here all day.
Husband number two was the one who passed after 20 months of marriage.
Nancy, that is MONTHS.

When he died, everything went wrong.
Besides his death.
The ovens at the crematorium packed up.
We had to wait nearly 2 weeks for a bit of closure.
I had to find a home and car.
That is a story for another day too.

I bought a house.
An old house.
Not one of my better decisions.
It had belonged to an undertaker.

I decided I would bury his ashes in the garden.
And, plant a rose on top of them.
Got younger son to dig the hole.
While digging, he hit wood.
Very excited, he said maybe it was buried treasure.
I said “maybe the previous owner brought his work home”

He lost all interest in treasure.
I can be evil.


  1. I wonder 🤔 😉

  2. I’ve got 5 urns with ashes in my laundry cupboard. (Mostly puppies)

    • Mostly?
      What are the others?

      • In laws

      • Sorry, but that is so funny!!!

      • It is 😊

  3. Lekker lag op ‘n Sondag middag. Dalk sal almal ook nie my humor verstaan nie.😚 Ek sien dadelik ‘n gedagte vir ‘n boek.

    • Thanks Elsabe.
      Have contemplated trying to write a book.
      People would think it was fiction!

  4. That’s an awful lot to deal with In one go! 😦

    • Hi AD. Sometimes having a lot to deal with is good.
      No time to mope.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that so much went wrong following your second husband’s death, Granny. Twenty months is just such a short time to have been married. It’s awful having to wait so long to get some closure after losing a dear one. I lost my Mum at the end of December a few years ago now, but even then, we had to wait two and a half weeks before we could have the funeral. That was because [apparently] more people die around Christmas time than at any other time of the year. Sounds unlikely, I know, but it’s true.

    I’ve never thought about the possibility of the ovens not working at the crematorium! I suppose it must happen from time to time (power cuts and the like. You’re rather over-familiar with those now, aren’t you!?)

    Your last few lines did make me smile despite the topic being serious in a way. I can just imagine your son earnestly digging the hole when he hit something solid only for you to come out with the comment about the undertaker taking his work home with him.

    What made you buy an old house rather than a newer one, by the way? My house here was built in 1967 – I’ve been here for 42 years! That makes me feel old. Xx 🥰

    • Oh Ellie. The post wasn’t supposed to be sad or serious. Just taking a lighter look at death.
      Having said that, it all DID happen.

      • Ah, that’s okay then. Silly me! Xx 😂

  6. You have me in stitches with this one, Granny: “maybe the previous owner brought his work home” – thank you for brightening my day with this delightfully dark humor.

    • Thanks Stacey.
      Have a feeling not everyone saw the humour.

  7. OH you have a way of making serious things funny! I am sorry that you went through the death of 2 husbands and living in your car , but that comment that you made to your grandson cracked me up!
    Have a great day and keep smiling!

    • Uhmmmm. I have never lived in my car????

      • Ugh! Sorry, must have read too fast! I do that! Well, glad to kmow that you never did. 😳

  8. Your humor makes me laugh! Thanks for it 😂

    • Thank you so much Simone.

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