Posted by: granny1947 | May 26, 2022

Granny and what a Wednesday

Hello All.

What a day.
As I said, I had only had two hours sleep.
And, I was running on reserve.

The day went to hell in a hand basket.
Is that how the saying goes?
Why does it say that?
No time to look it up.

I got a call to say that there had been an attempted robbery.
In a house right near the gate.
One of the busiest areas of our complex.
They were clever.
Or maybe dumb.
They managed to interfere with the exit gate and it was stuck on open.
Then, they came in through the exit gate.

They went up the road and then came back and drove up to the garage of a house near the gate.
Fortunately, our gardener saw them.
He knew they did not live there.
He raised the alarm with one of our wonderful residents.
Said resident took a photo of the number plate and yelled at them.
They had already got the garage door partially up.
They jumped into their car and took off.

Then it was police.
Security company.
And the gate people to fix the gate.

When I eventually got home, I wrote an urgent letter to all residents.
And sent it out.
A major mission.
Over 160 homes.
Can only send about 12 letters a time.
And I have to blind copy because of the POPIA act.

Then, I get a call at about seven, to say another house was broken into higher up in the complex.
More phone calls.
Trying to get him some assistance.
Advising him on what to do.

In other news, Jeez this is a long post.
Are you still reading?
My Dad’s results came back.
It was cancer.
The surgeon got it all out.

I had an allergy pill with a glass of wine and slept the whole night.
Just as well.
Today has been really hectic too.
But, I will save it for tomorrow.


  1. I think the saying is to hell in a hand cart. What a dreadful time youโ€™re having. I feel for you!

    • Hi Basia.
      I just googled it.
      We are BOTH right!

  2. Terribly sorry to hear that the last two days have been very trying for you.

  3. Oh, Granny. What an awful time you’re having. I’m so sorry you’ve had so much to cope with. Not easy – not easy at all. Thank goodness they didn’t get away with anything, thanks to your gardener and another resident. I’m glad there was a photo of the number plate. I wonder if the police or security company will be able to track them down. And as for writing your letter 160 times, that’s quite a feat of endurance on its own and without all the other hassle you had. I really hope those burglars don’t come back again and cause any more trouble.

    I’m very sorry to hear your stepdad’s cancer was back, but also, relieved that the surgeon managed to get it all. I’ll look out for your next post to see how you’re doing. Glad you managed to sleep after all that. Take care. Sending love and positive vibes your way xxx ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’–

  4. Oh what a day. Iโ€™m so sorry it was all trauma. Keep well, weโ€™re thinking of you

  5. Cheering for you, Granny. Love and light your way.

  6. Wow I am glad after all the activity there was wine!

  7. Glad the news about your dad was good. And wine solves most things.

  8. Dear Granny. I noticed that you hadn’t posted anything for a couple of days, and I know what an awful and difficult day you had a couple of days ago with the attempted break-ins and all the other happenings that were going on. I realise what a tough time you were having. I’m writing because I’m very concerned about you and you’ve been in my mind since your last post. I do hope you’re okay. I’ll look out for your next post when you are ready to write again. Take good care of yourself, dear Granny. Much love, your friend, Ellie Xxx ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’š

    • Thanks so much Ellie.
      I am fine.
      Will be posting just now.
      Lots of love.

      • So glad to know you’re okay. Will look out for your new post. Lots of love too. Xxx

  9. Sending thoughts and love your way xx
    I don’t know what is going on these days anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    We had another fatal shooting on Saturday morning – here on the Main Road, close enough for me to hear the shots. Plus the hijacking on Friday.
    It’s ALL going to hell in a handbasket ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Thinking of you x

    • OMG. How scary. Would really like to know what our latest stats are regarding daily murders. Am quite sure it is more than the 58 per day I can find on the internet.

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