Posted by: granny1947 | May 25, 2022

Granny and Wednesday waffles.

Hello All.

A short post today.
I am brain dead.
Two hours sleep will do that to me.
Have no idea why I could not switch off my brain last night.

I have sleeping tablets.
Don’t want to take them.
Doc said if you take them for one week you are addicted.
No thank you.
Read the side effects.
Says they might lead to drowsiness.

So, am going to my bed now.
Will curl up in a ball.
And moan gently.

You lot have a good day.
Will read your posts later.


  1. Sweet dreams 😊

  2. Ek sukkel ook om aan die slaap te raak, en wil ook nie slaappille drink nie. As ek ‘n halfuur rondrol in my bed, sit ek 10 druppels van Clicks se Rescue op my tong. Dis ‘n natuurlike produk en werk wonderlik… net vir wanneer ek dit nodig het. Hoop jy slaap lekker!

    • Thanks Elsabe.
      Will give that a try.

  3. My doctor did me a massive favour by prescribing me the sum total of four sleeping tablets last year. I’ve taken one, and I’m avoiding taking the others because I worry that I won’t have any left when I might need them. I can see that doesn’t really figure in daylight hours, but by night, when I can’t sleep, I worry that I won’t sleep the following night, so don’t want to use them up. One of those just in case situations which go on forever! Night night, sleep tight, Granny. I hope you wake feeling refreshed. Xxx 😴💙

  4. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow, Granny!

  5. Here’s hoping you’ve managed to get some rest xx

  6. Sleep . . . so essential and oft times so elusive! Sweet Dreams!

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