Posted by: granny1947 | May 24, 2022

Granny says “Oh Dear”

Hello All.

I have just spent 20 minutes going through my phone.
Looking for a photo of the old man.
Couldn’t find one.
I know I had a couple.
Mental note on a piece of paper.
Clean your damn phone Granny.

The growth was removed.
Now we wait for the lab results.
Am sure all will be well.
He has a marvelous surgeon.

Had a long chat to my eldest daughter yesterday.
She wants to come for a visit, with her son, at the end of June.
She won’t be able to stay with us.
We have a small two bedroom house.
The second bedroom is my den.
It is wall to wall with my desk, book cases etc.
No room to swing a cat.
If we had one.
I suppose a could borrow a cat from next door.
They already use my flower bed as a toilet.

We have a single bed mattress.
Not much good for two of them.
She has a place to stay just down the road.
And, she could spend some time at my Dad.
However, by the end of June we might not have WATER.
Oh dear.

They are forecasting that our petrol might go up by R4.00 a litre soon.
50% of this is government taxes!!!!
We do not go out much.
Thank heavens for the complex.
There is always something going on here.
Not all of it good.

My posts are going to become very boring.
Brace yourselves.


  1. EverboringGranny. No!

    • So kind.
      Not sure if it is true.

  2. Life is never boring, each moment brings adventure 😊

  3. I’m glad your stepfather’s operation went okay – let’s hope the results are good when you get them. It’s so important to have photos of our loved ones, especially when they’re getting on a bit or a lot, in your stepdad’s case. I didn’t realise that I hadn’t had a photo taken of my Mum and me together for many years, partly because I couldn’t access her house as I spoke about in ‘The Missing Mum Years’ post a while ago. It’s one of my big regrets. I have plenty of photos of Mum on her own, but only one of the both of us, which was taken when my children were grown but not had children of their own. You wouldn’t recognise me from that photo – dark red hair (I lived dangerously in those days!) and a weird fashion sense (it’s not much better now!). Mind you, you can’t really recognise me now anyway as my photo isn’t on my blog, just a drawing of me that was done many moons ago.

    I’m glad your daughter has somewhere not too far from you to stay. It’s lovely having family to stay (she says, not having had the experience yet.) I expect it will be lovely to see her and her partner.

    Not good news about your water (again) or the petrol going up either. I can’t imagine not having running water. What a huge inconvenience, to say the least. What currency do you have there? You say petrol is R4.00 – I’m trying to work it out. Little things please little minds (that’s mine, not yours).

    And as for you being boring – absolutely not! I love your writing. It’s my favourite blog to read each day. Oh, dear, I seem to have written a dissertation again! Sorry. Have a lovely day, Granny. Ellie xxx 💞

    • Oh Ellie.
      You say the nicest things.
      Petrol is going up by R4.00 per litre.
      Our currency is the South African Rand.
      Not doing well at the moment.
      Lots of love.

  4. You boring? Never. Just the silly lines like: to swing a cat – I don’t have a cat – I can always borrow one…. dit laat my giggel en glimlag. Hope the results for Oupa is not bad. Keep us posted.

    • Thanks Elsabe. How is YOUR Dad doing?

  5. Not boring at all!
    I am concerned every day about your water situation… and find myself wondering how much longer we’ll get to keep ours!
    Such strange times we are living in!

    • Yes, we had no water last night but it is back today.

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