Posted by: granny1947 | May 24, 2022

Granny says good grief.

Hello All.
Two posts in one day.
In case I forget what I want to tell you.
Thought I would share a photo of my Stepdad.
He wasn’t aware I was taking it.
Would probably kill me.
He is so incredible.
Can still shower himself.
Dress himself.
Make a boiled egg.
Put on odd socks.
But, they ARE the same colour.

This is the dog that the owner is threatening to have put down.
He looks so friendly.
I am hoping that my next door neighbour’s brother will take the dog.
Please hold thumbs.
Or toes.
Just send positive vibes.

I so wish I could take the dog.
But, M would have a melt down.
And, I think it would need lots of exercise.
It would be too much for me.
I do know my limitations.
Old age sucks.

No lab results yet.
Regarding the old man.
He tells me that the big C will probably take him one day.
I think old age might just do that first.
But, I didn’t say it.
Sometimes I can restrain myself.


  1. Your step-dad sure doesn’t LOOK his age, either! Hopefully, the “big C” decided to take a pass this time. (And fingers crossed for the neighbor-dog.)

    • Am waiting to hear as we speak. My nerves are shattered.

  2. Good picture and that’s great at how he can still be pretty independent! I am a caregiver for my job, and take care of many who can no longer do that. Yes, old age can suck at times!
    Fingers crossed for the dog!! Love dogs!

    • Me too. Can’t bear the thought of a lovely dog being put down. Out of spite!!!

      • Horrible! Some people I will never understand.

  3. Die foto van Stepdad is so mooi – dit lyk soos ‘n skildery van die vrede van oudword.

    • Thanks Frannie. I like it too.

  4. Love the post. Holding thumbs and toes for that gorgeous doggie!

  5. Why would anyone put down such a friendly dog. Here in Oz you’re not allowed to do it. The vet will confiscate the dog and rehome it

    • I got a letter from the owner.
      Said he was angry when he said he was going to put it down.
      Hopefully, a friend along the road will be fetching the dog soon and try to rehome it.

      • Hopefully

  6. Your stepdad doesn’t look like he’s 99. I hope I look like that when/if I get to 99! Well, not exactly, I’d rather be an old woman than an old man. Now, I’m not making any sense at all but I’m sure you know what I mean!? It’s great that your stepdad is so independent at that age too. I was trying to work out what the scene through the window is. It looks like clouds. Is he high up – a flat perhaps? You’ve no doubt mentioned what sort of home he lives in – I’ve got a brain like a goldfish at the moment, so please forgive if necessary. The dog looks adorable. I do hope he doesn’t get put down. What a waste of a dog’s life. Hopefully, someone will offer him/her a good home soon. I’m crossing my fingers and sending positive vibes your way (and the dog’s way too). I couldn’t either cross my toes or hold them even if I tried 😁! Ellie xxx 💟

    • Hi Ellie.
      They live in a house.
      He is fantastic for his age.

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