Posted by: granny1947 | May 20, 2022

Granny is cold and loving it

Hello All.

Yes, we have finally had some nice rain.
It is still raining.
However, it is not nearly enough.
They have forecast that parts of the city could run out of water in three weeks.
The rest of the city by the end of June.

Our power went off.
Thank heavens for drafts!

I am seething.
One of our residents left his gate open.
The dog got out.
A lovely Border Collie.
He told me he is sick of the dog and is going to put it down.
Fortunately, one of the other residents has offered to take the dog and try to have it re-homed.
Some people should not be allowed to have pets.
I am SO angry.

Am feeling virtuous.
Finished my newsletter.
Now just waiting for it to be approved by the other committee members.
Thought I should have it approved.
Told everyone there is no cure for stupidity.
How to win friends and influence people.

Off to shower.
See you soon.


  1. I agree about the neighbor. If only we could throw away people like that.

  2. He left the gate open and then wants to get the dog put down…. I’d be raging. Good on your other neighbours for trying to find a new home.
    Hope it rains again soon.

  3. What about you put the neighbour down instead 😡

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