Posted by: granny1947 | May 19, 2022

Granny says Oh Dear.

Hello All.

A quick post today.
You didn’t have to give a sigh of relief!

Yesterday, Stepdad’s Gp told him he has several suspicious things on his face.
It is back to the plastic surgeon on Monday.
He had two cancerous growths cut out of his back in February.
I phoned to talk to him and my brother said he was lying down and had gone very quiet.
I will be going around just now to cheer him up.
However, truth be told, I would be upset if this was happening to me at 99 years.
I wonder if I would even bother.

We have rain forecast for today.
We have had a few drops already.
100% chance later on.
Yesterday was 34 degrees.
It was still 26 at seven in the evening
On Sunday they are forecasting a HIGH of 16.
What the hell?
Oh well.
Soup weather.

Now, let me get dressed and go to the old man.


  1. I hope all goes well. You’re in my thoughts

  2. Your stepdad is lucky to have you.

  3. Hi Granny. I just wanted to let you know that I’m reading your posts which I always really enjoy, so I’m liking them to say I’ve read them. I just haven’t got the wherewithal or brain concentration to be able to produce a comment! I’ve just got an awful lot of things on my mind at the moment plus the after-effects of my operation and the anaesthetic in my system. I can hardly string two words together in real life, let alone in blog-land. Sorry. Big hugs to you. Ellie xx 💖

    • No need to apologize Ellie.
      Just get better and be kind to yourself.

  4. This is stressful for you all. Take care. xx

  5. Ek beleef dieselfde met my pa… wat ook kankertjies op sy rug het. Ons moes die afspraak nou kanselleer omdat hy Covid gekry het. Nee regtig, op daardie ouderdom moet hulle net fine wees, nie nog sulke goete moet face nie. Die weer: Ons s’n was vandag 21, en more se maksimum is 8, met 100% reen! Ek sit my pote nie uit die huis nie.

    • Anyway… wanted to say… I hope he appreciates you. Sterkte.

    • I do hope all is good with your Dad.
      We are 16 and cold today.
      Lots of rain.
      I have not been outside either!

  6. I hope everything will be OK with your step dad. What a shame.
    Hope it goes well with the rain. It should be around 30 degrees here tomorrow which is really early for that kind of heat, so we’re wondering what the summer will be like.

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