Posted by: granny1947 | May 18, 2022

Granny and Wednesday words

Hello All.

I went to see one of my favourite people in the complex.
I came home with the above flowers.
Aren’t they stunning?

I was going to post earlier.
But the power was due to go off.
And, I wasn’t sure how to save the post.
So, better late than never.

Several people have asked me who M is.
And who is the 99 year old.
And, it dawned on me.
You are all new friends.
So, here goes.

M is husband number three.
We have been together for over thirty years.
We are divorced.
In the old days, if I wanted to adopt my Granddaughter, I needed his permission.
He was not keen.
And, I understood.
If something had happened to me, he would have had to raise another child.
As a single woman I could adopt her.
Which I did.
I know it is crazy.

The 99 year old is my stepfather.
I adore him.
I was blessed with a great Stepmother and Stepfather.
So many people cannot say the same.

I was with Hubby number one for 18 years.
Finally left him.
He had a heart attack while driving.

Husband number two was my soulmate.
He died of a heart problem after 20 months of marriage.
Shit happens.

So, now you know a bit more about me.
Probably, too much information.


  1. Not too much information granny. I have been following you for quite some time and I’m really glad now to know the various people in your life.

    • Tip of the iceberg Jb. Tip of the iceberg!

  2. I like to know a little bit about people, it gives context to what you read 😊

  3. Granny, it’s great to get this behind-the-scene’s peek. I assumed M. was a partner and I am nodding my head at your wisdom with the decision you made so you could adopt. When I got to the line “I know it is crazy,” I thought, “Nope! Makes perfect sense.” No surprise, you’ve already made it clear that you’re wise. Beautiful flowers! Hooray for new friends : )

    • Hi Stacey. I was actually saying the government policy was crazy. However, it could apply to me too.

      • : )

  4. Never too much info! 🌷What a nice lady you are.

    • Not really. Too much maternal instinct in those days, Have it under control now.

      • Ah, but perhaps the whole world needs extravagant mothering more than anything else.

  5. 20 + 18 + 30 = 68 years . . . you must have been 5 years of age when you married the first time. 😀

    • Oops . . . saw that #2 was 20 months NOT 20 years. That’s sad. Not funny. My bad.

      • Oh Nancy. I have a black sense of humour. I laughed like a drain!

      • Good. No harm done then! 😀

  6. Thank you. I too was wondering.

  7. Nie te veel nie, dis hoe mens mekaar leer ken. Dankie vir die agtergrond. Die 20 maande liefie… dis hartseer!

  8. Your life sounds very interesting. I’m sorry about husband number 2. That’s far too short a time together with your soulmate.

    Good on you for adopting your granddaughter!! I’m impressed.

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