Posted by: granny1947 | May 14, 2022

Granny and Saturday sillies.

Hello All.

I wasn’t going to post today.
It has been so uneventful.
But, that has never stopped me before.
Prepare to be bored.

I have a poem my 17 year old granddaughter wrote.
Will post it tomorrow.
I know so little about poetry.
But I am biased.

I fetched the old man for lunch.
It confused him no end.
He knew he and my brother are coming for lunch tomorrow.
Despite the fact I stressed I was coming today as well.
Shame, he is so amazing.
If I should ever reach the age of 99 I would like to be that lucid.
God Forbid, I ever DO reach that age.
Can’t afford it.
Also, imagine the drivel I would post.

When all else fails, talk about M.
He went to have a shower just now.
Asked me how many more showers will we be able to have before the city runs dry.
He takes prestressing to a new level.
I see I have invented another new word.

And, on that note I will leave you.


  1. Granny, it’s magic what you manage to make out of what you call “uneventful.” Thank you for making me laugh out loud again.

    • Thanks Stacey. I was really uninspired.

  2. Is it your dad that’s 99 years old, Granny?

    • It’s my Stepdad Elsabe.

      • Tryng to sort things out. Now I know tge old man is your stepfather, is M your husband?,

      • Yep.

  3. Doesn’t sound uneventful to me, perhaps my life is just duller 😊

  4. Good Morning! Thanks for the smiles. 😊 looking forward to your granddaughter’s poem and grandma’s are allowed to be bias.

  5. I hope you are still posting at 98 and I am still reading!

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