Posted by: granny1947 | May 13, 2022

Granny and Friday the 13th Things

Hello All.

First of all, I am smiling.
And gob smacked.
Unemployment said 7 working days.
And, they got it right.

Secondly, the power of positive thinking.
I had a figure in my mind.
Last night I thought, you are being too optimistic.
Today, I got the exact amount.
Now to do the same thing with lottery.

Thirdly, stress.
I handle stress very differently to M.
I wait for the worst to happen.
Then I deal with it.
M is stressing about our anticipated water water shortage.
How are we going to wash clothes.
We will have to eat microwave potatoes.
So we don’t have an extra dish to wash.
It goes on and on.
I am going to need your support if they DO switch off our water.
I might have to put him out of his misery!


  1. I’m just as gobsmacked! They got it right?!?!?!?!
    Please share when you get your lottery figure – make it big 😛 😉
    We’re in the same boat with water – except it’s because our town’s infrastructure is about to collapse, apparently. Sigh!
    You’ll always have my support 😉 🙂

  2. Same problems here in town – for days without water. Everywhere in the house is 2 liter coke bottles filled with water, and outside rows of bottles. I hope M survive the stress. Get him/her a kitkat. I hope you stay strong.

    • Where are you Elsabe?

      • Middelburg, Eastern Cape

      • Are there two Middelburgs? I just googled it. One says 300km fro PE and the other 1200kms.

      • OK…I looked again. I see there is one near Botswana.

  3. Glad to hear that UIF came to the party. Maybe, just maybe, because they got something right, it will bring a great deal of rain so that you don’t have to do away with M. Have a lekker weekend!

  4. I think you should quit while you’re ahead, time for the wine 🍷

    • Never quit. Another one and a half hours to wine time. Sigh.

  5. “Now to do the same thing with lottery.” Cheering for you, Granny!

    • Thank you Stacey…positive thoughts

  6. Drastic measures for drastic events.

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