Grrrrranny has a bad day.

Hello All.

Yes, it has been a nasty day.
And, it’s not over yet.
Think I should just go back to bed.

I went up to the huge mall just up the road.
I wanted to close a bank account I don’t use.
After a, not too bad, wait I got to see someone.
This involved a longer wait.
Their computers were on a go slow.
Only to be told I have money in the account.
And this branch does not have any tellers.
She said there were only three branches that could help me.
All of them a LONG way from home.

Picked up M.
Why should I suffer alone?
Eventually found the bank.
After a long walk.
It was packed.
After one and a half hours I threw in the towel.
And THEN I couldn’t find the car.
With M in it.
Walked around for ages looking.
I have had my exercise for the week.

To crown my day I got a reply from the unemployment people.
Saying my payment has been approved.
As I mentioned before this area is a little corner of hell.
They were supposed to do it automatically.

That is IT.
Am heading for my bed.

9 responses to “Grrrrranny has a bad day.”

  1. Oh, Granny. That is a bad day. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with all that. How ridiculous that you couldn’t get your own money out of your local bank! It’s crazy having to go all that way to get it. No wonder you’re feeling so fed up. So many banks here have closed due to many people having learned to do their banking online during the pandemic. I was one of them. There are very few local branches of all the banks now. It makes it very difficult for people who can’t get to the further away branches.

    Our unemployment branches here are pretty grim places, too – not somewhere you want to spend your time if you had the choice.

    And as for losing the car … I don’t drive, so, fortunately, I don’t have that problem, but I remember my father used to tie a scarf around the car aerial so we could see our car easily (that’s if we could remember which floor it was on anyway). This trick worked well … until some clever dick pinched the scarf and snapped the aerial clean off! How kind!

    Bed is probably the best place for you after a day like you’ve had. I hope it brings you some relief and escape for a while. Take care x

    • The area where our unemployment is really scary. I will be taking off all my rings etc. Only taking my ID in my bra.
      I would not have minded if I had lost the car (and M) in a parking garage.
      However I completely lost the ruddy street.

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