Posted by: granny1947 | May 1, 2022

Granny and workers day

A picture of my Eldest daughter.
She is the one in the middle.
Love that she is embracing her silver hair.
She is so tall.
She gets that and the silver hair from her father.

So, it is workers day here.
I have not lived up to it.
There is no sign that anything will change either.
I did go through my phone and delete a load of videos.
I painted my nails.
Something I hate doing.
I bought some electricity online.
Another pet hate.
Someone won the lottery.
It wasn’t me.
Supper is going to be soup.
From the freezer.
Get the picture?
Very little happening.

Think I might have a problem with my e-mail.
Only one new post notification.
Are you lot also having a lazy day?

I wonder if I can figure out how to add another photo.

Oh wow.
I did it!

That is my daughter’s son.
It was his 12th birthday yesterday.
Kid is growing like a weed.
Apparently, had a wonderful birthday.
So pleased.
Having lost his Dad a year ago, he deserves it.

So, that is me for today.
Tomorrow I will bore you with my holiday snaps.
Haven’t been on holiday in years!


  1. Sundays are my ‘beginning’ days. Sort of Do-over days for my not doing what I should last week days lol

  2. Lovely photos!

  3. Your daughter is very attractive, and her silver hair really suits her. And yes, isn’t she tall? Plus, your grandson is very tall for 12 too. Lovely looking boy. We don’t have a workers’ day over here. I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep, and I was going through my phone and trying to delete all the photos on there that aren’t even mine! I don’t know if you use WhatsApp, but when people send me pictures/photos via that app, they automatically get saved to ‘my photos’. I don’t know why, but it’s a nuisance. I end with my phone memory full of other folk’s photos. Most annoying! No idea why.

    • I was doing the same thing yesterday. I have some dear friends who send me good night and good morning pictures every day. Sure fills up my phone in a hurry.

  4. Beautiful daughter, beautiful grandson. Lovely pics❤️

  5. Your grandson looks like a determined young man – that is a wonderful characteristic.

    • Thanks Frannie.
      Judging by the way he is holding his golf club he will never be a golfer.

  6. Great photos! Happy Sunday! I am reading wrapped in q blanket. Rainy day here.

    • Lucky you.
      No rain forecast here.

      • I was happy for it. 🙂 It watered my flowers.

  7. Quiet days are a lovely respite, I’m about to have a mad week, so I’d love one right now. You have a great week and don’t forget to buy more wine 😊

    • Hi Pam. Good luck with the mad week. I never forget the wine!!

  8. Great photos – your daughter (with the grey) so tall!

    • Thanks Kate.
      I wouldn’t mind being that tall.

      • Me too!

  9. Beautiful family picture all are beautiful well shared.

    • Thank you so much.

      • 🥰❤️

  10. Your Workers Day seems similar to our Labor Day ~ a day to REST from our Labors!

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