Posted by: granny1947 | April 30, 2022

Granny says way to go.

Hello All.

What to talk about?
Well, it is my youngest grandson’s 12th birthday today.
I had to ask his mother how old he is.
Hard enough to remember 11 birthdays.
I draw the line at ages.
I DO remember my kids birthdays.
I was there.

Got up this morning to be told by M that we have no water.
Apparently some pump station tripped.
And the reservoir drained.
Surely they could have switched something off to prevent the damn reservoir draining?
It is going to take forever to fill it sufficiently to supply us.
The mind boggles.

My brother phoned, just now, to ask if he could come up and drop something off.
I thought “oh good we are getting a pudding”
He loves making puddings.
Doesn’t like cooking meals.
Though he is more than capable.
Turned out to be two huge plants for the complex.
Happiness for our gardener.
A bit disappointing for M.
He loves puddings.
Me, not so much.

And now, I need to do that darn newsletter.


  1. I say pox on the newsletter, wine is better

    • Five o’clock plane hasn’t gone over yet.

      • And?

    • Newsletter done and sent off.
      Now having my wine!

  2. I’m not at all surprised that you can’t remember all your grandchildren’s ages on their birthdays with that number to keep track of. I’ve only got four of them and still sometimes have to stop and think! My son sent his sister a 40th birthday card last year – she was 38 and not impressed!

    I saw you got the newsletter done (in the comments); so glad you are enjoying the wine. Sorry to hear about the absence of water and puddings. Have you always had problems with your water supply, or is it just a recent thing?

    • Hi Ellie.
      No. It has been an ongoing thing.
      They are forecasting day zero at the end of May.
      We had better get used to it.

      • Oh, no! That’s dreadful. Let’s hope we get some torrential downpours between now and then! Not sure that would help in the long run, though – quite a worry for you.

      • No rain forecast but you never know.

  3. O Granny you do make my day. But I would have preferred pudding!

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