Posted by: granny1947 | April 8, 2022

Granny is procrastinating

Hello All.

Yes, I WAS going to do my filing.
Then I thought it might be more fun chatting to you.
Have no idea what we will talk about.
Something will come.

The photo above is worrying me.
Have no idea where I took it.
Don’t recognize the surroundings or the vehicles.
Think it might be in our complex.
When I used to walk.
I really need a dog to motivate me.

Had another weird dream last night.
I dreamt there was a parking section in our complex.
There isn’t.
And someone had put in parking meters.
And, I didn’t know about them.
Phoned the complex manager and he said he had done it.
Something he could not do without permission.
Sometimes I worry about the stuff going on in my brain.

I heard some really distressing news yesterday.
Apparently, there is no way I will be able to get a government pension.
Even though I have paid taxes all my working life.
I pay all my stepdad’s accounts.
And my brother’s.
And some for Mex.
I am told they look at all the money coming into your account and classify it as income.
Even though you can show them it was immediately paid out.
I am going to have to re-look at how I have been doing this.
Will have to create beneficiaries in both their accounts.
And will have to have three months of bank statements without any money coming in.
Damn, damn, damn.


  1. Oh no! I’m sorry. 🌷

  2. Oh that’s terrible news! I hope you find a work around

    • I am going to be working on it. Will take about four months. Have to give them 3 months worth of bank statements with no movements from my Dad and brother.

  3. Oh dear!! Very sorry, hope you can get things straightened out.

    • Thank you.
      I am sure I will.
      It is just going to take much longer than I was bargaining for.

  4. Oh no! My sister had something similar. Very stressful!

  5. Damn, damn indeed on the pension situation. Here everyone gets superannuation regardless of income. We are taxed on this of course but when my husband was alive for several years he paid super tax on this. Give with one hand take back with the other.

    • What is more annoying is that millions of people who have never paid Tax get it.

  6. That’s awful! 😞 Nothing’s ever simple is it?

    • I know AD. So frustrating.

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