Posted by: granny1947 | March 21, 2021

Granny is irritated.

Hello Again.

Damnit WordPress.
Yesterday I managed to find my photos.
Today I can only find the ones I have already posted.
I can’t find the dashboard.
I struggled to find tags.
Is WordPress aware they have OLD members?

It is raining.
Do I hear you say “so what”.
Our main dam is on 6% capacity.
If we don’t get some decent rain very soon we will be in dire straits.
The rain comes up the coast from Cape Town and then goes around us.
Our ruling party appears to be blissfully unaware of the pending catastrophe.

They have, however, changed our name.
We were Port Elizabeth.
We are now something that no-one can pronounce.
A name with no historical significance.
It is going to cost millions of rand.
There is a brilliant voicemail doing the round.
Some guy phoning an airline and trying to book a ticket here.
After three attempts he says “fuck it, I’ll fly to George”(a town about 300kms from here)

We are back to loadshedding.
This is when they stop electricity at various times.
It is hurting our fragile economy.
Why is this happening?
Once again our wonderful government.
They got rid of all the qualified people(mainly whites).
Replaced them with jobs for pals.
No maintenance done for years.

Then we had no internet in our complex for five days.

Cry our beloved country.

Nope. Cannot find tags.


  1. Not surprising that you’re irritated. 🥲

  2. Yup… I feel your pain. The way we live here is ridiculous! 😦 I am just as irritated by all of the above.
    I keep trying to figure out what it is I can do to spark some sort of change, but I am gobsmacked.
    We keep on keeping on though, right?
    Lots of love.

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