Posted by: granny1947 | March 20, 2021

Granny is still around

Hello All.
If anyone remembers me!
Have not posted since July last year.
It is true.
Time goes faster when you get older.
Right now it is flying at an alarming rate.
This is scary because younger son keeps reminding me I am living on borrowed time.

It has been a roller coaster ride.
Going from an almost complete shutdown in April to three days a week.
With a pay cut.
I quite liked it.
Not the pay cut but four day weekends were great.
I am now back to working fulltime.
Am loving the extra money but my body is saying WTF.

So, why haven’t I blogged?
In my defence I have been very busy.
Am now the chairman of the complex.
This is no great honour.
No-one else wanted the job.
Still handling all the finances for my brother and Stepdad.
Dad will be 98 in July!
Still doing all Mex’s payments.

Mex has been great seeing to meals.
Unfortunately, his favourite meals are a pie and chips.
A toasted sandwich or scrambled eggs on toast.
In desperation I make a stew with loads of vegies.
And we eat that for three days.

I have one complaint.
I don’t blog and everything changes.
Can’t find my dashboard.
Battled to find where to download a picture.
Everything was so easy before.
Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

I could go on but will save some for the next blog.
I am going to TRY to blog more often.

Stay safe my friends.


  1. Natuurlik onthou ek jou! Dis gaaf dat jy terug is, met jou wonderlike “understatements”. Geluk met die voorsitterskap 😉

    • Thanks so much Frannie. Let us see if I can keep this up.

  2. Hey there Granny and welcome back. Glad to hear you are coping during this crazy time. And yes, time hurries by as we get older. I had my 83rd on Friday and still can’t believe it. Take care; keep sane.

    • Hi Judith. Happy birthday for Friday.
      I am going to be 74 next month.
      Think I need to seriously think of giving up work.
      However, I love my job.

  3. Glad you’re still around!
    Time is flying here too.

    • Hi Nancy.
      Yes, on Mondays I think damn a whole week ahead.
      Before I know it, it is Friday again.
      With all the public holidays right now we have three weeks of four working days.
      Life is good!

  4. I still remember you, Granny & have missed you. My blog is still there but I am not. I agree, I no longer can navigate all the changes! So true of many things. Newer isn’t always better. Things are sounding rough there. Here too, in California, if you’re sick/poor & live in fire/drought. I hope the carrot top doesn’t return in 4 years. God bless you & keep you.

  5. Welcome back! It’s great to ‘see’ you again 😉
    Time is passing me by just as quickly, but then again, I am an old soul 😛
    I’m also not impressed with the WordPress changes. I understand the need to offer new features, as times are a-changing, but really?!?!?
    I’ll email you asap xx

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