Posted by: granny1947 | July 19, 2020

Granny has another rant.

Hello All.

Yes, I am pissed off.
We are being ruled by a bunch of old people without an ounce of commonsense or logic.
We are now back on a curfew from nine at night.
We cannot visit our elderly parents.
We CAN however meet them at the casino.

Our president would make a lousy barman.
He did not even call last round.
He just imposed another ban on alcohol.
With immediate effect.
The reasoning?
An influx of drunk arseholes to the trauma units.
What he failed to mention was that most of them get patched up and sent home.
Very few land up in ICU.

The ban on cigarettes remains.
Despite experts saying that stopping smoking for three months will have no effect on damaged lungs.
In any event, most people are buying illegal cigarettes.
At inflated prices.
AND, they are terrible cigarettes.
Doing even more damage.
The woman in charge of the state of disaster made a statement.
She said the increase in the illicit trade would counter act the loss of revenue to the government.
I rest my case.

Just to add to the general unhappiness, we have had load shedding imposed on us again(cutting off our power for hours at a time)
Again, the lack of logic comes in.
They cut off the power to the pump stations that supply our water.
So, the level drops.
And we end up with no water as well as no lights.
And you wonder why I am pissed off.

End of rant,
Stay safe,




  1. Oh Granny. Better pack your bags and come here. Sure we have earthquakes, but we also have booze, cigarettes, cafes, bars, cinemas etc open again. Of course we have logical government officials in place. Maybe, me thinks, this is the difference between our two countries. Virtual hugs from our place to yours.

  2. I agree Judith.Will you put me down as your senile sister?

  3. From far away, I’m following the soapie that is South Africa with dismay. The only good thing about it, is that it gets you blogging again!

    • Aww. You say the sweetest things Frannie.

  4. Granny… once again, you said it just right!
    I hear you, and agree with you completely.
    I’m also feeling very fed up with this whole situation 😦 :/
    And I have the exact same problem as you when the electricity is off – we have no water either.
    It’s all just so darn ridiculous! As for Miss In Charge Disaster Management? She is just a disaster, full stop.
    I’m thinking of you, and hope that you stay healthy. Eat Lindt 😉
    Much love,

  5. Oh dear, Granny, that doesn’t sound good, and is definitely worth a rant.

  6. Well, what can I say………we are living in a nightmare without end…….I am now a criminal who meets her “dealer” once a week to buy cigarettes…….I am terrified I get stopped in a road block with smokes…..never mind my red wine…..what will they take next.

    • Thank you for the visit. I hear (it might be true) if you have a carton of smokes they can do nothing if it is opened!!! They would have to fight me for my wine!

      • well I have a little red wine left, but my smokes……..bah humbug!! I will smoke!

    • Went to your blog. What a surprise. A good one. Can’t find how to like of follow your blog. Sorry, am old.

      • I dont know how to follow people either!!

  7. No wonder you’re complaining. I would too!!

  8. Seems like reasons enough to rant. Maybe I am a little slow, but you are not allowed to buy cigarettes and alc0hol?

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