Granny and I feel MUCH better.

Hello All.

What a pleasure.
I had my first haircut since March.
Just before the shutdown.
I feel like a new person.
Albeit, a slightly sticky one.
Why do they put that gunge on your hair?
My hair was OK when I brushed it but one puff of wind….a wild woman from Borneo.
Who WAS the wild woman from Borneo?
I must google it.

Two of my friends had birthdays on the 17th.
One of them came around for supper and I gave her a big bag of Praline chocolates.
I bought two large slabs of dark Lindt chocolate for the other one.
I have not seen her yet.
The first slab is proving to be delicious.
I do hope I see her soon!

Covid is coming too close for comfort.
We have had our first case in our complex.
Fortunately, the complex is huge and she lives a couple of streets away.
I have also heard of four more cases of people I know.
Hopefully, they are all on the road to recovery.
Our stats are strange.
We had 5000 new cases yesterday.
But, we have a 55% recovery rate.
And, unless we are being kept in the dark, only a 2% death rate.

Mex has naps sitting upright in his chair.
They last about ten to fifteen minutes.
I call them a waste of time.
If you are going to have a nap do it properly.
I go off for two hours.
And then wonder why I wake up n the middle of the night.
Wide eyed and bushy tailed.
Ok, the bushy tailed is a bit of poetic licence.


14 responses to “Granny and I feel MUCH better.”

  1. 5000 new cases.?. I hope that’s a typo. Glad your enjoying the chocolate. Your friend will never know you planned to give her two bars.

  2. Ah granny, our stats are indeed scary. Thing is, I have a feeling we are seeing delayed stats… and not all is truthful.
    I have a fireman who lives in my complex. He was tested at firehouse headquarters on the 22 May – he only got his results yesterday. :O A whole month later! They were negative, but like he says, by now he could be positive. It’s all just too crazy!
    Pick n Pay in the mall opposite me had to be hurriedly closed on Saturday – I don’t know how they found out, but a lady was in there shopping who had tested positive – apparently she said ‘she needed to get out’ – rolling my eyes here! I’m glad I haven’t been in there since lock down started.

    I still haven’t had my hair done! At the moment, you can’t even get through to book an appointment! So I guess I’ll wait a week and see if things die down a bit 😉

    I’m with you on napping 😉

  3. A friend introduced me to this hairdresser.
    She works from home.
    She takes one client at a time and allows enough time between clients to clean thoroughly.
    Even better, she is R200 cheaper than the one I used to go to in the mall.
    My friend’s sister is a hairdresser in Gonubie.
    What suburb are you in?
    Like you, I am very skeptical about our results.

    • Perhaps you should send me her name 😉 I still think I’ll wait to have my hair done though 😛
      Your new hairdresser sounds great – particularly the savings part 😉
      Hope you have a great day! ❤

  4. Hi granny1947 I hope that you are well.
    I hope you’ve had chance to catch up with your friend. I tend to buy people chocolate that I myself don’t like, or can’t eat (I’m allergic to nuts). That helps me with my self control!!
    The numbers are pretty scary. Stay safe!

    • Hi There. So good to hear from you. I have a wedding present to buy and Stepdad turns 97 next week, I will try to buy the pressies at the last moment so I am not tempted!

  5. Lindt doesn’t do it for me Granny, I prefer plain old Cadbury dairy milk. I’ve tried to do posh chocolate after people I know have raved about it. But I find it just wrong in my mouth. Perhaps it requires a refined palate that I lack. Damn that Covid is a sticky tenacious little critter. It is on the rise in Aus as well – I have so far avoided it but how much longer can that continue one wonders

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