Granny and a bit of this and that.

Hello All.

A change from my usual seascapes.
But, they will be back.

Today Mex and I went to the mall.
Something I usually avoid.
However, Mex needs a new cellphone and I needed blue jeans.
It is a huge mall.
I had a great deal of exercise.
And, then some.
They took our temperatures at one shop.
We both had temperatures of 32 degrees.
So, either we have both died and forgotten to lie down or their thermometer does not work.
I suspect the latter.

I have a pair of blue jeans.
They have developed a frayed hole just above the left knee.
I love them.
Mex is horrified when I go to work in them.
He does not believe that people pay big money for jeans with holes.
I am not one of them.
They are just so darn comfortable.

The cellphone story has been the bane of my life.
For years he has been using a very old Nokia.
One that could just make and receive calls and do an sms.
I had a little cheap phone lying around.
It took him about five months to agree to try it.
I loaded Whattsapp on it.
And the fun began.
His three kids were thrilled.
They sent him jokes and photos.
And loads of messages.
He is technically challenged.
And I am being kind.
Every few minutes he came to me to ask me how to do something.
It reached the stage where I felt like stuffing it where the sun doesn’t shine.
He is finally getting the hang of it.
Now he needs a better phone.
The big problem is he is insistent he does not want a big phone.
Says it will fall out of his pocket.



7 responses to “Granny and a bit of this and that.”

  1. Decisions, decisions. Just when you thought you’d answered all the questions…and a trip to the mall? Aren’t you in lockdown?
    Take care: keep safe. Hugs from here to there.

  2. Oh dear! The cellphone thing sounds familiar. I didn’t venture far enough to replace my mother’s old Nokia though – but we did buy her a tablet for Christmas – FOUR YEARS AGO! :/ I loaded and did everything that needed to be done, and sat for hours writing out step by step instructions, including how to switch it on. My children and I took it in turns to spend hours with her, going through the instructions and showing her how to apply them on the tablet.
    She STILL doesn’t use it.
    Last year, my brother visited from Australia, and I am sure he thought we were pulling the wool over his eyes when we said ‘we had tried’. So he armed himself with her tablet and came here to do updates on my wi-fi, then set out to teach her. She still doesn’t use it.
    But she won’t give it to us to use either, ha ha ha ha ha!

    As for the temperature thing? I am starting to think that most of these thermometers are faulty. My friend went to a smaller shopping centre, and PnP measured her as 35 degrees, then she went to Clicks and she was 32 degrees, and out of curiosity she stopped back at PnP to check and she was suddenly 38. She took her first aid kit out of the boot of her car, and checked her temperature on her own ‘normal thermometer’ and it was 36.5.

    My daughters dancing teacher also bought three of these fancy thermometers that they are using nowadays, for use at the studio when they are allowed to commence dancing again… and as a joke they tested them on their family. Everybody got a different reading from each one…. and they were sitting down in the same spot the entire time.

    So who knows? Did you get new jeans in the end? I have to admit, I won’t pay for holey ones… but I do also tend to wear mine till they’re threadbare 😉

      • I went into so many shops my hands were wrinkly from all the sanitizer. Woolies had some but am too mean to pay their prices. Will continue to wear my “holey” ones.

      • Yeah… I think the last time I owned anything from Woolies was when I was a teenager and someone gave me a top for my birthday! I simply cannot pay those prices.
        I totally agree about the sanitizer… the face mask also seems to be drying out and affecting my skin too! Ugh!
        As for Jeans? I actually found a nice pair at Pep Stores last year! Previously, I have enjoyed the Mr Price cut. But it’s to find the right ‘classification’. Skinny or bootleg etc.
        Who would have thought that buying a pair of jeans that fit and don’t break the bank could be so damn hard!

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