Posted by: granny1947 | June 14, 2020

Granny and I have become a criminal.

Hello All.

Yes, the crazy restrictions in this country, have led me into a life of crime.
I buy cigarettes on the black market.
Not happily.
They are expensive.
And I hate the fact that I am supporting crooks.

Next week I am going to visit my hairdresser.
This is also against the law.
She sees one client at a time.
Is meticulous about cleanliness.
And she needs to survive.
And, I NEED a haircut.

They lifted the ban on alcohol.
I have stocked up on wine.
Now they are complaining that the cases of drunk driving are on the increase.
There are more gang killings.
More murders of women and children.
Am not sure the last one is anything to do with alcohol.
We have a shocking number of murders of women and children even without shutdown.
We have a sick society.

I am seeing a huge increase in depression.
Several of my friends live all on their own and are forced to work from home.
It is getting to them.
I am not depressed.
Am probably too shallow!

I have taken a 40% pay cut.
There will be no pay increase this year.
There will be no annual bonus.
I only work three days a week.
I keep telling myself I have never had such a long holiday.
Hell, I am 73 years old and so blessed to still have a job.

One of our biggest steel suppliers were hit by a huge strike.
Because the worker’s pay was cut by 20%.
The union went to court.
And they won.
They have no idea.
Things are not going to go back to “normal”.
Not for a long time anyway.
Companies have to cut costs just to remain viable.

In other news, my Stepdad turns an incredible 97 next month.
I go around to see him as often as I can.
Take him some home cooked food and little treats.
Every time I get there he says “are you coming in?”
And every time I say no.
He thinks I am over- reacting.
He does not understand that I could have the virus without symptons.
The same applies to him and my brother.
I just am not prepared to take a chance.
I tell him our infection rate is climbing at almost 4000 per day.
He just looks at the recovery rate.
I have learned to bite my tongue.

My next blog will NOT be about this damn virus or our crazy government.



  1. Oh Granny. Things are not good in your corner of our world. I am almost afraid to tell you how well we are doing. Yes the virus is under control, no new cases for 21 days and nobody still hospitalised with it. But.. violence is not under control. Domestic abuse is not under control. Unemployment is not under control, but hey we moved out of lockdown, wondering what our new normal will be.

    • Hi Judith. Yep, think we are all wondering about new normal. Things could be worse. I have food and a warm bed and sufficient money(for the moment)

  2. Wow, Granny. over 4000 is a big increase in cases. This Covid is a true horror story. I follow the league tables every day and it breaks my heart to see all the deaths – especially in the UK. They left it too late to take adequate action.

    There has been a great sense of community where we live on the west coast algarve and so far no reported cases. IT’s so scary that going near anyone now makes me anxious since coming out of 9 weeks isolation. Do you guys have to wear masks? We wear both mask and visor when shopping.

    The steel workers are stupid and greedy. they will regret holding out to keep their 20% when they face redundancies.

    Stay safe 🙂

    • Hi PIP.
      Yes, we wear masks and keep safe distances.
      I prefer to stay away from shops as much as possible.
      Fortunately, most of our supermarkets will not let you in if you are not wearing a mask.
      I have seen people, on social media, boasting that they do not wear masks.
      Guess you will always get morons.

  3. Granny, I LOVE the way you put it into words. I get too lost in the words, and the emotions, and wind up saying way too much. You are brilliant!
    I wish I could find a hairdresser here who would sneakily come and do my hair – no such luck though :/
    It was my daughter’s 15th birthday on Sunday, and after some discussion with her best friends mom, we decided that our girls have been so good, and stayed home for 80+ days, and deserve an hour in each other’s company.(Their family, and mine, have only left the house for quick trips out for essentials and we’ve all been really careful) So on my daughters 15th birthday, she became a criminal, and we went there to eat a cupcake. Such a very sad state of affairs.
    Thinking of you xx

    • Thank you for those kind words. I am going to break the law again this evening. It is a friend’s birthday. She lives alone and works from home. I am going to take a chance and give her a BIG hug and a nice supper!

      • I think we have all reached the point where we need to just admit we are a bunch of criminals and get it over with.
        This latest announcement that I can go to the movies, and eat in a restaurant, but may not go and have coffee at my friends home (which is a lot safer since neither of us have really exposed ourselves to the public) is absolutely outrageous!

        I trust you had an amazing supper, and that the hug was good for your soul 😉 xx

    • Found you! Where are you in SA?

      • Little old East London, ha ha ha! 😉

      • Oh Wow. Lived there for many years.

      • Oh my goodness. Small country we’re in, right? 😉

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