Posted by: granny1947 | May 27, 2020

Granny and Covid in South Africa.

Hello All.

South Africa went into strict lockdown on the 27th of March.
And, for the most part, we understood and rallied to the call.
We stayed home.
We sanitized.
If we HAD to go to the shops we kept our social distance and we wore masks.
We supported our president.

Unfortunately, other ministers came in with ridiculous restrictions.
We were not allowed to buy alcohol.
This one I understand.
Alcohol leads to more domestic violence.
We were not allowed to buy cigarettes.
This one I do NOT understand.
Cigarettes have a calming effect.
If you have damaged lungs, stopping smoking for a few weeks is not going to help.
Cigarette smugglers have become millionaires.
The price of cigarettes has become astronomical.
People have committed suicide.
We were not allowed to wear short sleeve T.shirts unless they are worn under another shirt or jacket.
No open toed shoes?
The list goes on.

It has now become apparent that it is no longer about Covid.
It has become a political power play.
Pro Zuma supporters against the president.
For those of you who do not know about Zuma, he was our previous president.
Under his watch corruption flourished.
Under the state of disaster Zuma’s ex wife is in charge of the Covid panel.
She is very compromised.
She has been photographed with a self confessed cigarette smuggler.
He funded her attempt to become president.
Her stepson owns a tobacco company.
His brands of smokes are flooding the black market.
The minister of water and sanitation has just hired someone to assist her.
This woman was removed in the last cabinet reshuffle.

The police and the army seem to be concentrating on arresting people for no good reason.
There was a case of a woman(caught on video) being bundled into a police van while she was out walking.
In the allotted time allowed.
She was held for a few hours before being released.
There was no basis for her arrest.
People have been killed by the police.
We are rapidly becoming a police state.

So, as concerned as I am about getting the virus, I am more worried about where my beautiful country is heading.


  1. It sucks that this is so relatable
    I’m from Kenya and the mismanagement and brutality going on here is so depressing.

    • OMW…I did not know you were going through the same stuff. The greed and the abuse of power is mind boggling.

      • You have no idea.Weve borrowed almost a billion dollars since March
        And were already in debt also so many deaths by police.Its depressing

  2. Hi Granny. New Zealand went into strict lockdown about the same time as you. We have moved from Level 4, through level 3 and are now in level 2 waiting to hear when we will be out of all the levels.
    We are fortunate that we share no borders with other countries and so were quickly able to control the entry into our country.
    Alert Level 4 had all shops closed and everyone staying home. Many, including my daughter, worked from home. As we moved down the levels some have returned to work and there are signs of some semblance of order.
    Fortunately, we didn’t come anywhere near being a police state. There were some arrests particularly in the Levels 4 and 3, but really, most people stuck to the rules and regulations.
    I hope your beautiful country survives this pandemic and maybe, with a kinder populace and a more controlled police force.

    • Hi Judith. Lucky you. This country in such a mess financially etc and now we have ministers with delusions of grandeur!!

  3. You have summed it up all so perfectly. It still boggles my mind, the times we are living in here – and how the world is mostly oblivious. I have so many overseas friends who just have no idea what is actually going on. It’s sad, really. 😦
    Thinking of you – this is overwhelmingly difficult for all of us. ❤

    • Thank you so much for the visit. Blame it on old age but I cannot find where to comment on your post or follow you.

      • I usually find the follow button just underneath all the likes on a post – if that makes sense? There’s a small bit of writing where it shows the pictures of all the people who have liked the post that says ‘follow this blog?’ and I often find myself having to use that because I can’t find how to anywhere else. Ha ha ha!
        Hope you are doing okay? ❤

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