Posted by: granny1947 | April 26, 2020

Granny and 2020 continues.

Hello All.
My last post was on the 11th of January when I said 2020 sucks.
Little did I know just how bad it was going to get.
So many people have died.
Not that many in South Africa.
Give us time.
We are expecting a huge surge in numbers.

Having said that, the government has set levels for Covid.
Level 5 being the toughest restrictions.
The other day the president said the national level will now be No.4.
Except for the major centres.
They have to stay on level 5.
At the moment we are on level 4.
Meaning some businesses can open.
And we can buy cigarettes.
Have no idea why they banned them.
It just added to the stress levels.
Alcohol will only be allowed at level 3.
And only at certain times.
I agree with the ban on alcohol.
People are so damn stupid when sober.
God help us when they are drunk.

The companies that do open can only operate with a third of their work force.
My boss is going to set me up to work from home.
The government have said old people must stay at home.
Having turned 73 yesterday, I am one of those!!!
My boss is in for a torrid time.
He is going to have to juggle the staff around.
Bringing people in according to the orders we get.
The whole way our company has been run will have to change.
Although I will be working from home I will probably only work about three days a week.
Which I understand and accept.

On a lighter note.
I live in a big complex.
About 130 houses so far.
I am still on the committee.
Yes, I am an idiot.
We have had several people complaining about a bad smell coming from the drains.
Got in a plumber.
The drains are not blocked.
With so many people confined to their homes, there is an awful lot of pooping going on.
It is build up of gas!!!

Mex has kept himself busy.
The house has never been so clean.
We have been getting on ok.
However, that might change soon.
He is going to run out of wine before me.
Will I share?



  1. Hi Granny. Well I guess I wasn’t very clever at foreseeing this future way back in January Won’t take up fortune telling as a job.
    Seriously, I am glad you are coping and haven’t strangled Mex yet. Take care and stay safe. Hugs from Aotearoa aka New Zealand

    • Hugs to you too my friend.

  2. hi Love, thrilled to see your blog again, have missed them. Happy to see that you are well. Counting the wine bottles here with apprehension, bottle store must up soon ! Look after yourself xxx

    • Only have a couple of days left of my 5l and two bottles.
      Then it is on to tea and lemon water.
      Going to be a long time until our bottle stores open.
      Are you on the same sort of shutdown as us?

  3. Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag! No. you are not an idiot – you have a refined sense of responsibility. I do hope that the committee does not take up all your blogging time – it’s so great to see you around again.

    • Thanks so much Frannie. I will do my best to blog more regularly.

  4. Maybe you can find someone who will barter a few bottles of wine for you in exchange for dog walking? Dog sitting?

    Stay well.

    • Except for one thing Nancy. We are not allowed out to walk dogs!!! You stay safe too.

  5. Ye Gads, Granny. We’ve got history…it was so familiar being here that I had to try and remember when we connected in Blog World. Guess what! I can’t!
    Talk to you soon!

  6. I think we have been missing out on a lot by being so scarce in Blogland.

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