Posted by: granny1947 | January 4, 2020

Granny is livid.

Hi All.

Yes, I am very angry.

SIL is still waiting to have his leg sorted out.
Day four with a broken leg.
Only asprin for the pain!
Apparently, they want to test for cancer etc.
They only plan to operate on Monday or Tuesday.
He tried to tell them he had all those tests done a couple of months ago.
They said if he does not like it he can leave.
I am not there.
Possibly he is coming over as a bit aggressive.
If it was me I would be more than a little unreasonable.


  1. Wow that’s brutal.

    • Tell me about it. Glad I am on medical aid.

  2. Ek is so bly jy blog weer, ek lees altyd so lekker, maar ai, dis die een ding na die ander daar by jou! “When troubles come, they come not single file…” Vasbyt. liewe Granny!

    • Thanks so much Frannie…am not having a great time right now but it will improve.

      • Your upbeat take on life will surely carry you through. Sterkte vir jou!

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