Granny and this is going to be a looooooooooooong month.

Hello All.

An old picture of Jasmine.
Still miss her so much.
Mex will not hear of getting another furbaby.

In November I had to go and spend a few days with my Dad.
My brother went up to Johannesburg to meet his new grandson.
While I was there their dog was very ill.
Kidney failure.
I had to get the vet to come to the house to put her down.
It was a Sunday.
The vet had no assistants.
The old man was hiding in the bedroom.
I had to help.
It was awful.

Anyway, we started to look for another dog.
A friend told me of a dog in Graaff Reinet.
He had been knocked over by a car.
The owner was informed but never bothered to respond.

He was with a foster Mommy.
She said he was a wonderful little chap.
Never barks and gets on with other dogs and cats.
We got him.
He is delightful.
Except for one nasty little habit.
Our suburb is full of bunnies running around.
Blackie killed one in the garden.
He has also chased all the birds away.
A real little hunter.
On the upside he goes into my Dad’s room every morning.
Stands up against the bed.
Tail wagging furiously.
Yippee, you made it though another night.

Finally, son in law has a broken femur.
He is still in a lot of pain.
Hopefully, they will operate today.

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