Posted by: granny1947 | January 1, 2020

Granny says damnit…here we go again.

Hi There.
It is 2020 and the problems begin.
Thought I had left them behind in 2019.
My son in law had a fall at work, this morning.
Apparently, his knee cap pulled out.
Did not know that could happen.
They also think he might have a broken leg.
They filled him with Morphine and have sent him through to Worcester hospital.
We await news.

I did the whole cooking thing again today.
I need my head read.
I WAS just going to roast a chicken.
Mex made potato salad.
He makes a mean potato salad.
I have taught him well!

Then we had a misunderstanding.
He said we should get a Gammon.
This was at nine this morning.
I thought he had gone crazy.
Apparently, he says he said we could get a tin of ham.
I never heard the word Ham or tin.
When I walked in with the Gammon he said WTF?
Thank heavens for my electric pressure cooker..

I also made another trifle.
I also bought a delicious Malva pudding.
In for a penny in for a pound.
My Dad and brother loved it all.
My brother wants to know if I am going to do this every week.


  1. W and I are always misunderstanding each other. Makes for some interesting arguments. I had to look up what a gammon is! Learn something new every day. Imagine how smart I’ll be in 50 years. haha

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