Posted by: granny1947 | December 30, 2019

Oh Good Grief…it has been another year!

Hello All.

So, it appears things have changed.
I Have no idea how to write BELOW the picture,

Am not sure I even know HOW to write anymore.

Bear with me.


It has been quite a year.

I lost a couple of friends.
As in they shuffled off this mortal coil.
Not that they did not like me anymore.


Had a torrid time a couple of months ago.
Youngest daughter gave us a huge scare.
She had a collapsed lung.
And a massive infection.
I flew down to Cape Town for a week.
She was in a state hospital.
Amazingly, they were terrific.
She was in Groote Schuur.
Where they did the first heart transplant.
The place is massive.
I swear it is two kms from the parking garage to the ward.
OK…one and a half.
I was exhausted just from the walking.
Also, I got lost several times so walked even further.
She is now fine.
I aged ten frigging years.

Stepdad is still with us.
Getting frail.
And grumpy.
He will be 97 in July.
He and my brother came around for Xmas lunch.
I did roast lamb and gammon and trifle.
The whole catastrophe.
I managed to cut my finger open.
Making the trifle.
Don’t ask!

Back to Cape Town.
You all know how I love the place.
Not anymore.
It is still beautiful.
However, the traffic is horrendous.
Am too old for that shit.

Ok then, I have bored you all enough.
I have missed you all.
Wishing you all a safe New Year and a very happy and healthy 2020.



  1. Oh Granny, I am so pleased that you haven’t shuffled off yet.
    I haven’t been posting much this year. As they (who are they?) life just gets in the way sometimes.
    Anyway, here’s wishing you a healthy and happy 2020.

    • Hi Judith. Nope, no shuffling yet…will do my best to keep it like that.

  2. So nice to see you back, Granny. All the best for 2020.

    • The same to you love.

  3. I’ve been on hiatus of sorts too. So happy to reconnect with you❤️

    • Me too ,my friend. Am going to make a real effort to keep it up.

  4. Oh so great to hear from you again! I haven’t seen any of your posts in ages and didn’t know if it was because you weren’t writing or if my email just wasn’t putting your posts through. So glad your daughter is better, I know that was an awful scare!

    • It feels very good to be back. Long may it last!

  5. Why does Christmas get chosen for medical emergencies? My Chemo for 2 Cancers, B-in-L with kidney that has given up completely and nearly dead, Grandkid with badly abscessed tooth needing extraction — these are our headlines!

    • Oh my word Col. Suddenly, I feel very well. What a lot you are going through.
      I do hope 2020 is a better year for you.

  6. Well, well . . . look what the year’s end drug in.
    Glad you’re still kicking, Kathy!

    • Hi NR. Yes, still kicking…but not so high!!!

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