Posted by: granny1947 | December 31, 2018

Granny and the end of 2018

Hello All.

Yes, can’t say I am going to miss 2018.
Though, I guess there were more ups than downs.
Always a good thing.

The downs?
Two muggings.
Working full day.
Stressing about various family members.
Younger son nearly being caught in a huge fire.
One grandson cracking a bone in his neck while lifting weights.
Eldest daughter struggling financially.

The ups?
Extra money came in very handy.
Was able to help daughter.
Grandson has recovered.
Son did NOT get caught in said fire.
Son in law finally has a job.
I did not pick up any weight over the Xmas season.

Christmas in Africa is ridiculous.
If you are me.
Made a big Christmas lunch.
In sweltering heat.
And, I was exhausted.
I put a gammon in the slow cooker.
To do it’s thing overnight.
Then kept waking up to check on it.
Which was unnecessary.
It was doing well all on its own.
We still have about three meals of Gammon and Turkey in the freezer.

Finally, something silly that crossed my mind.
I have a tin of deodorant that, apparently, lasts for 48 hours.
Who on God’s earth would want their underarm to last that long?
Who tested it?
What is in that tin that makes it last that long?


  1. I wish you a happy New Year Happy to hear that most of 2018 problems have been sorted…my youngest daughter has financial difficulties but l am not able to help. I expect there will be different problems in 2019 but just little ones…like how to eat turkey and gammon week after week

    • Thank you Patrecia. May the year ahead be happy and full of love.

  2. Ai ek geniet jou droë humorsin. Voorspoedige nuwejaar!

    • The same to you Frannie.

  3. All the best in 2019, KL!

  4. Certainly a bit of a roller coaster.
    The deodorant is to cater for the working day of the future?
    Only two muggings? You live in a quiet area.

  5. What a year you have had! I hope 2019 brings less drama for you.

  6. I hope 2019 is going well!!

  7. Oh I’ve been missing you Granny. Haven’t been frequenting the blog and I now realise that I’ve missed out on so much. Hope to catch up slowly. Hope the new year has been good so far.

  8. HELLOOOOO! Anyone minding the store?

  9. hope you are doing well. Haven’t read anything from you in a long while.

    • Hello Nadira…no I have been very lazy…no not lazy…busy…but am going to attempt to rectify that.

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