Posted by: granny1947 | December 22, 2018

Granny has LOTS to say…be warned.

Hello All.

Yes, quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.

The first week has been a bit hectic.
Taking the old man to the optometrist.
Taking him to the sea.
Ensuring he has plenty of reading matter to last him until mid January.
Finally getting my will sorted out.
Hopefully, once Xmas dinner is out of the way, I can really relax.

So, what has happened?
Two days before shutdown I was driving home on the freeway.
I was in the slow lane going at about 90kph.
A huge truck passed me going at a hell of a speed.
He got a little way ahead of me when there was a loud bang.
And one of his tyres burst.
And a massive piece of rubber came hurtling towards me.
Who knew I still had good reactions.
I pulled to the left and it missed me by a couple of inches.
If that had hit me I do not think I would be chatting to you today!
I don’t know if it caught anyone behind me.
I was too busy saying FUCK!!!

For the last couple of months my feet have been swelling.
I had to go to the doctor to get a script and he looked at them.
Said, posture, posture, posture.
Said I must walk.
A couple of nights ago I looked down at them.
I thought they belonged to someone else.
They were HUGE.
I said to Mex, “something is not kosher”
So, we went along to the emergency room.
I felt like a fraud.
There were SICK people there.
A toddler to my left vomited.
Then a teenager, in a wheel chair, to my right ,vomited.

After a long wait I was eventually seen by a lovely young doctor.
Who said it was good I had come in.
He has put me on some tablets for the next two weeks.
If they do not work I have to go and have the old ticker checked out.
He said keep your feet up.
Which I much prefer to my GP’s instruction.
On the upside they are much better.

And, now, I have waffled on for long enough.
Chat again soon.


  1. Wow! One lucky escape with that tyre blowing. Hope your feet get sorted out soon and yes….walking sucks. Have a lovely Christmas and a bright New Year.

    • The same to you my friend.

  2. Bly jou voetjies is beter! Ek kuier in Ierland by my seun en sy gesin. Dis Feetjieland maar ai, ek kry baie koud!

    • Hi There Frannie. How lovely that you are with your family. I will swap your cold for our humidity!

  3. What an exciting life you do lead, Granny. The truck’s tyre must have been a bit of a shock, but hell, we are survivors. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

    • And the same to you Judithxxx

  4. My goodness Granny..its only a while ago that you were involved in some thug trying to mug you, well he did you are covorting with tyres from a BIG BIG lorry…I really do insist that maybe you should retire from driving as it does seem to be a very dangerous occupation…try a scooter..that will also get leg exercise ….Being serious for one mo..I am truly relieved that you were not hurt in such a bad must have been quite frightening….sue the company! Thats what everyone does nowadays..even though it did not hit you was the stress and the fear that has made your foot swell up…. I am full of bright ideas but the best one of all is to wish you A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and without doubt a SAFE and HEALTHY NEW YEAR

    lots of love

    [image: Mailtrack] Sender notified by Mailtrack 22/12/18, 13:59:43

    • I like the way you think Patrecia. Unfortunately, suing does not work in this country like it does in the states. A very happy Christmas to you too, my

  5. I’m a big fan of walking . . . but I also enjoy kicking back and putting my feet up. However you spend your holidays, I hope it won’t be in the Emergency Room!

    Glad that tire missed you!

    • Me too Nancy, me too!!!

  6. You certainly have been busy!

  7. Balloon feet: water tablets and feet up including having the foot end of the bed raised a bit if possible, plus a pillow under them. Elastic stockings if desperate.

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