Posted by: granny1947 | November 14, 2018

Granny gets to thinking.

Hello All.

Yes, I got thinking tonight.
What am I going to talk about?
What did I accomplish today?
Was it worth it?

Apparently, I did very little.
I went to work.
I worked a bit.
I got bored a LOT.

I visited my Stepdad.
Came home and sat and chatted to Mex.
Made supper.
Ate supper.
Sat down in front of my computer.

Thinking can be dangerous.

I am saving money like crazy.
What the hell for?
Time is flying by.
My second husband died 32 years ago.
It does not feel like it.
First husband died about 16 years ago.
But we won’t talk about him.
I could go tomorrow.
Why am I saving?
Why aren’t I using my money to gallivant around the world.

Hmmmm….more thought is needed.
Watch this space.


  1. Have fun finding the right balance between spending and saving.

    We never really know how long we have left . . . we could get run over by a bus (or an elephant) next week. Carpe Diem!

    • Well, we live about 40km from a huge elephant park so that could be possible!

  2. I been thinking too…if you have so much …I can relieve you of it…I am not fussy . and it will save you worrying about it

    lots of love


    • You are too kind Patrecia!!!!

  3. Why are you still working 🙂

    • Better than starving and it keeps me out of mischief!

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