Posted by: granny1947 | November 12, 2018

Granny does a silly thing.

Hello All.

A short post.
Because I am tired.

Yes, yesterday, I did something really silly.
Even by my standards!

I got swollen feet.
I don’t like fat feet.
They look gross.
And, they are uncomfortable.
So, I took a water pill.
Not a half pill.
A whole pill.

Oy Vey.
For an hour I peed like an elephant.
Then, because I had flushed all the salt out of my system, spent a large portion of the night, walking the floor with cramp.
The pills are probably about ten years old.
They still work.

The reason I got swollen feet?

I spent a large portion of the day glued to my computer.
Smoking far too much.
Hardly moving.
Moral of the story?
When you hit the seventies you have to keep MOVING!
And stop doing damn silly things.

On the upside, have posted for several days in a row.
Think I might be back.
It feels good.



  1. Good advice from my doctor: Drink lots of water! It takes water to get rid of water.

  2. I have it on good authority from King Julian: “You’ve got to move it, move it!”

    • Errrrrr..and, who is he?

  3. You twit! You should not be taking 10 year old pills…the contents change over time and could do you more harm than good….Go and buy new ones. Better still…stop smoking!..Smoking is the cause of many problems and we all know it makes you ill. So please my dear dear friend..if you ever want to visit me in Bulgaria and take home some rescued dogs….look after yourself…BAN THE WEED!!! And get more exercise….this is what you did when you had jasmine and the beach… love you loads, even if you are a twit

    • I know all that but we all need to take chances, I survived!! Need to find time for the exercise. Day is too short.

  4. the last part of your post was the best, love you Granny. Thanks once again for the giggle, you’re back!

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